Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple and Beautiful

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  1. I have the feeling Emma was fraped.

  2. Really? I think she posted it herself.

  3. I dont think she was fraped.. I think she just thought it was clever

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Bitches love being clever … and sonnets too.

  5. Bitches love faking frapes and being clever.

  6. That they do

  7. bitches love leaves

  8. bitches love loads of jizz in their eyes and nose..

  9. slicingupeyeballs

    Not on buses they don’t…

  10. ha ha ha!

  11. heyy emma. luv u.

  12. At least I’ll always know people aren’t lying when they call me a bitch. They are most certainly correct.

  13. She needs a thesaurus. What about … bodacious, brilliant, badass… uh … boobs?

  14. Bodacious? Is your thesaurus from 1989?

  15. Paranoid Android72

    Bastard, Bollock-Breath, Ball-bag, Bint and might I point you in the direction of Blue-waffle, Google it and be pleasantly surprised.

  16. Have you somehow confused a thesaurus with a dictionary, you gurning mong?

  17. Codename Dutchess

    DO NOT Google Blue-waffle! It will haunt you for the rest of your days. But if you must, Google “lemon party” to cleanse your eyes.

  18. Rinse your eyes in the soothingness of tubgirl.

  19. Blue Waffle looks delicious. Thanks, #15!

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i just googled tubgirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what. a. fucking. ledge.

  21. every fucking post….my god get a fucking JOB

  22. ..and be a dull, pointless, whining cunt like DurtAyLownDre. Dirty laundry? really? Well that’s just fucking lame. Imma call you shittyknickers, ‘k?

  23. Bitching about msanne has become a new trend. Calling msanne a bitch was the old one. There’s my pointless post for the day.

  24. Calling me a bitch is like swearing at the shark that is biting you in half. It wont make the blindest bit of difference to my actions, but it may give you some comfort whilst you die of shock in a cloudy mix of blood, shit and brine.

  25. ^and cum. Who doesn’t get off on a foul mouthed shark?

  26. and isn’t that what the internet is really all about?

  27. Could poke you in the eye. That would stop a shark.

  28. sure you could.
    There’s probably lot’s of amputees go on to lead useful lives. You could become a fetish pr0n star. Surely there’s be a market for watching heavily chewed, small-spirited internet fatties get their freak on?

  29. I had to check. There is in deed a “midgetporntube”. I bet there’s a sub-section for “Mutilated Midgets”. Imagine the sequel …”Mutant Mutilated Midget – skull fucked”. If it was a hardcore midget it could be interactive to.

  30. Crusty, check out bangedup dot com.

  31. ^I’d like to point out the most interesting detail here is that we haven’t seen very much of young crusty since this post.

  32. Hahaha! Crusty has been swallowed by the internet.

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