Friday, September 30, 2011

SIMply Love

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  1. Looser

  2. I don’t have words to describe how I feel about this. that was bad.

  3. Creepy. as. hell.

  4. …The fuck?

  5. Barfissimo.

  6. ….that’s called a zoo.

  7. I think I would be sleeping alone for quite a while before I lived this down! Of course we are in our 50’s lol Maybe these are kids? Still, WTF?

  8. Walter, it is a more probibality that looser is spelled incorectly.

  9. Holy crap, that is some, “I only hit you because I love you” kind of crazy there. Emma, RUN!

  10. seconded on the zoo comment. creepy as hell…

  11. I can’t believe there’s so many haters out there.

    All this fucking loser wants to do is keep the woman he loves in a box for all eternity. Surely we can all, on some medieval/religious level, identify with that?

    Peace and fucking. I’m out.

  12. I wonder if Alan’s hobbies include licking pay phone receivers and sniffing his fingers after wiping? He sounds like that kind of weirdo.

  13. Actually, if you play The Sims, this is funny. And kinda sweet. Assuming they are kids and not grownups. Or maybe they both love The Sims. I’m sure she gets what he means. Removing the doors and kitchen is a common practice

  14. I wonder what would happen if they ever broke up

  15. WRONG GONZO! He was talking about a GUY! LMAO!

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Can she at least give him a hand job for putting that much creepiness into one status.

  17. WTF was that about putting a toilet in every room so she doesn’t have an accident? If she has a problem it’s nice of him to share that with everyone on Facebook.

  18. If you remove the door, outside harm can walk right in.

    If there’s no kitchen, how does she eat?

    And no kitchen and a toilet in every room makes for one very awkward neighbourhood party.

  19. Oh, wait, he means not have a door. Then how do the neighbours get in? And in The Sims, if you can’t leave your house to work, you get no money and die. But at least she’ll die thin with an empty bladder.

  20. Ffs, misread it again. So the neighbours can stand outside, and watch this poor trapped woman do nothing but pee. Does anyone else sense a fetish?



  22. ‘I love you so much I’m going to imprison you in the bathroom!’

  23. The toilet thing was kind of creepy. The rest I have done IRL

  24. I understand the sentiment in the status. I used to play The Sims a long time ago. However, reading all the comments of this post was priceless. Funnier than the actual status.

  25. ^Agreed

  26. I love this guy so much that I’ll make a Sim of him and when it goes swimming, I’ll remove the ladder.

  27. This inspired no emotion in me.

  28. I want to vomit..on them.

  29. i would have put her in the kitchen and removed the doors

  30. If you remove the doors to the kitchen, how does she get the sandwiches to you?

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