Friday, September 30, 2011

We’ve Got a Problem…

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  1. I hate trolls.

  2. Ivan’s and Kelley’s have got to be fake. Ashley is a fifty-gallon fucktard. That is all.

  3. And Ashley’s gonna find out this is on here, and it will encourage her. Of course, she did just admit to being a slut.



  5. Tofu, I don’t doubt for a second that someone could be that stupid. Kids today are retards.

  6. I thought Ivan wrote “if life gives you LEMURS.” And I was like … that would be kind of cool, why would I throw them?

  7. If life gives you Melons then you are dyslexic.

  8. Nick it is a more probability that someone who says something like what you said is the retard.

  9. “says something like what you said” Never a good phrase to include with accusations of retardation.

  10. Lemurs may be pretty cool in the beginning, but after much hair pulling and cleaning up after their messiness, you may want to throw them at someone, ManyBells.

    Or, as Ivan says, “through them at someone stuped.”

    But now I have to ask, is he calling us stupid, or is he telling us to throw them at him?

  11. evilbungle: while we’re at it, neither is the statement “it is a more probability” a good thing to utter while criticizing the intellect of another.

  12. lamebook is morphing into a “Darwin Awards” site.

  13. Numbers 1 and 2 should be sterilized, just to be on the safe side.

  14. Maybe if KellEy’s mom had spelled her name right in the first place she wouldn’t have that problem.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Judging by Kelley’s grasp of English, someone should probably check her work on that 98% figure.

    I never understood that saying. Don’t obstacles tend to be in front of you, blocking you from your goal? Where exactly is your goal located if you are traveling parallel to your obstacles?

  16. Every Ivan I’ve ever met has been a wanker. This just reconfirms it for me.

  17. I have one thing to say. Testicles. That is all.

  18. hawkbit one? More like two,unless of course you’re talking about Hitler’s testicle.

  19. @yadawg surely you got that reference

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