Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skid Marks of Love

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  1. I’d love to see Trisha weigh in on this one.

  2. pooping is like staying hydrated…when you feel thirsty it is already too late. Quality post lamebook.

  3. Yeah, she should dump a comment

  4. Who the hell takes panties to a drycleaner? What are they made from, silkworms fed solid gold and truffles?

  5. i know hes trying to make his ex girl look bad and all but dude, YOU dated her and her shit stained granny panties. what does say about him??? hes just as nasty as her.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  7. Unless this chick poops out of her vagina, those are period panties. Not skid marks. And period panties are typically hella ugly. Not saying it’s any less gross, but let’s embarrass the girl for the right reasons.

  8. Those are period stains, clearly, since thats the fronyt of the undies. I mean, still nasty to leave those at a boyfriends house, but at least its more like an accident and not an “I dont wipe my ass” situation.

    Also, dude has never been to a dry cleaner if he thinks thats a normal charge…even for removing shit stains

  9. Allison knows what period panties are, she’s putting Trisha down trying to get Pat to smash.

  10. Ahhhh period panties. The oldest and grossest panties you own, worn so that you don’t fuck up a nice pair when your cooter is busy gagging on blood and tissue.

    And bullSHIT about the dry cleaner’s. $165 for a pair of bloodstained panties? My cousin got grape juice off her wedding gown for $75, there’s no way in hell a pair of underwear is gonna cost upwards of a hundred fifty bucks.

    I mean, granted, the girl’s still probably a nasty-ass skank who sleeps with old men, but seriously. All us girls have period panties, it’s a fact of life.

  11. What an A-hole. Maybe if he wasn’t the immature type that would put up a pic of her period panties, she wouldn’t be looking for older men.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The holes in logic and questions abound here.
    Why wouldn’t you just take the $165 and buy a bunch of new period panties?
    Why did he take it to a dry cleaner in the first place if they were broken up?
    Why is he being such a bitch?
    Why are his friends acting like they have never seen shit before?
    Who the fuck still uses the slang ‘bogus’?

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Last question, why did Lamebook disable the Previous comments in the dashboard?
    You guys better fix that quickly or we can send a couple of our resident degenerates after you.

  14. I like skid marks.

  15. I love it when my man forces his skid marked underwear down my throat until I gag and hurl and eventually pass out.

  16. Ah… the immature things we do after a breakup.

  17. rebeccablackjesus

    I’m new to the Lamebook comment posting.

    Has really no one considered that the dry cleaners/price part was just an exaggeration (or complete sarcasm) to exacerbate the embarrassment for Trisha? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t go out of his way to “depoop” the undies & return them to his ex. If he doesn’t care enough to post this in the first place then I am certain he would not care to return them.

    I agree with Dukey, who the fuck uses the term “bogus” TWICE within the same statement.

    Also agreeing this is just as embarrassing for the guy considering he dated her.

  18. Mofo my friend, the stage is yours, enjoy…

  19. Oh lovely, nice post to come back to when I’m eating strawberry jam.

  20. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Rebecca, let me share something with you. Years and years ago, I woke up with a horrible hangover and some rather scary red and brown marks on my dick. Embarrassing as such a thing is, I went to my GP regardless in order to have them removed.

    After he examined the issue he told me that he could remove the marks but that he had to charge me, 90 for removing the brown marks and 180 for the red. Turns out that poop is much easier to remove than lipstick.

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @19 Could be worse, at least you’re not eating chocolate paste on white bread.

  22. That’s definitely from period blood. Someone tell Patrick to quit being such a bitch.

  23. Looks like regular vaginal discharge to me. I have never seen a pair of worn panties that didn’t have at least some discharge on it, and I’ve seen plenty. Whenever I visit the house of a friend or relative, I usually snoop through the dirty laundry to sniff me some dirty panties.

  24. Man. What kind of grandmas do you guys have if you think that these are granny panties? Yeah, they’re hella ugly, but they’re not even close to granny panty style.
    Also, Patrick is an idiot. It’s called a washing machine. If it was poop, which it obviously isn’t, one trip through a normal washing machine and they’d be fine. Anyone who has ever been around a toddler can attest to as much.
    This looks like a frame-up job to me anyway. I’m pretty sure these are Patrick’s period blood stained undies and he’s just blaming Trisha.

  25. Yeah, Patrick’s a little bitch. Can’t take the break up like a man

    Good for Trisha she had the sense to dump that unsatisfying cock.

  26. Yum… Whether it’s pussy blood, shit stains, discharge or the remnants of last nights fuck romp, I just came.

    And that’s nothing! You should see the skid marks on my underwear from my lack of interest to wipe!

  27. Every girl has at least a couple of blood-stained, ugly period panties. Not only do they keep us from ruining our sexy, tarty little knickers, they also serve as a very good ‘KEEP AWAY!’ signal for our men. My husband sees me digging those panties out of my drawer, and he knows the best he can hope for is a blowie. Patrick isn’t man enough to deal with the fact that having a relationship and/or living with a woman might mean occassionally being exposed to icky shit. He might be better suited to one of those specially made Japanese sex dolls.

  28. @27, or another man. LOLOLOL!!

  29. guy is pretty immature. I agree they are period panties. Every girl has a few pairs from “accidents” in the past. Advertising it on FB to get attention shows the maturity of a 12 year old. I’m sure if she stooped to that level she probably could find a pair of skid marked underwear. Guys are known for that shit.

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The Russian you just missed an excellent opportunity to say ‘Hey Oh!’

  31. CommentsAtLarge

    I think Patrick is lying, I think those are HIS panties – from the way it sounds he’s got them pretty far up his ass about this girl. She cheated, true, but you can point this fact out without sounding so bitter.

  32. he needs to grow a pair, and face the fact that he was dumped.

  33. Also, why are people saying those are ugly undies? They’re boyshorts. They dont have elastic around the legs, so they come up on the buttcheeks. They look like this when on http://s7.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/AB8B62F3.jpg

    they were probably pretty sexy before they were retired to be period panties.

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That ass is flat.

  35. He is whining

  36. Too make matters worse, I believe those are actually old period stains b/c they’re on the crotch section. Great, now I threw up in my mouth more than a little. #barfing

  37. I misspelled “to” as “too!” oh noes!!! It IS 3:30 in the morning, but still. Great, now I’m going to end up on one of these sites. #losing

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