Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couple of Love Birds


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  1. Ben is a Steeever


  3. shit

  4. um what?

  5. Apparently Kayla doesn’t believe in periods or grammar. On a side note I would have left that cheating bastard before letting him inseminate me.

  6. * spelling

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @hysteria – She believes in periods alright, she just likes always putting them all together in a row.

  8. Okay the key thing to look at is “since I got her pregnant”. Did she not see that, seriously. WOW!!!!!

  9. Didn’t Lareda Lynn sing “Cole Minor’s Dotter”?

  10. @hysteria…maybe she used up her period quota for the day?

  11. thank u kayla thank you you maid mi day I no how it is wit all this luv and kuntry musik and such luv wil find away u jus hav to keep up the writin and grammar qualty you amaz mi and I know if you wurnt noked up wit that qualty boys baby i would find you and play cuntry music to you all days long

  12. what the fuck.

  13. WHY DOES NO ONE EVER USE PUNCTUATION!!! I don’t care about spelling but my god, use a damn period once in a while!!

  14. The first one has to be some getto ass niggas.

  15. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Is it the same Kayla in the 2 posts BTW? I kinda assumed it was, but now I’m not sure.

  16. @11
    I hate when dumb people never punctuate their overly long generally pointless sentences how are you supposed to figure out where the phrases start or finish and they generally accomplish nothing with these paragraph long sentences It makes it nearly impossible to tell whether one phrase is attached to another I mean come on lets get with the program here idiots and start punctuating something once in a while.

  17. She’s pregnant. She doesn’t have any periods, so why use them.

    Sorry. That was weak. But anyways, I think one should have to be somewhat literate before bringing a child into this world. How is she supposed to help the kid with first grade English?

  18. Its Loretta Lynn and she did sing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” as well as “You ain’t woman enough to take my man” and several other amazing songs.

  19. @14 lol

  20. dantrix, Ben is NOT a Steeever; but he wishes he was a

  21. rebeccablackjesus

    Eric’s post actually made me giggle a bit. Haven’t cheated since either me or my nephews made yu pregs!!1 family!

    I wonder if she became Eric’s wife before the cheating/pregnancy or after. It’s a joke regardless.

    The second post is the most ridiculous run on sentence ever. Is it that difficult to punctuate? All I got out of it was “I never knew what love was INTAIL I met your nephews.”

  22. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I never knew what love was until you offered me your nephews’ entrails.

  23. I blame texting.

  24. I blame Justin Bieber and Suroor.

  25. Even French and Spanish people speak better English than these excrescent dyslexics.

  26. MsBuzzkillington

    Punctuation, omg, punctuation.

    I get it… grammar is hard, you can’t remember all of the rules. I don’t remember all of the rules either.

    But it can’t be that difficult to remember to put a period at the end of a thought. It doesn’t take much effort or memorization of English Grammar rules. Are you finishing a thought and starting a new one? Put a . there. Are you asking a question? They don’t call them question marks for no reason.

    There, you are set. Now people can sort of read what you are trying to say.

  27. hoschiadedodi, I’m French, and I agree with your statement. Come on, how can punctuation be so hard? Just take a breath between two sentences, people!

  28. “My love for you is like a truck. Berserker. Would you like to making f**k? Berserker.”

  29. I wanna know when Eric got Kayla pregnant. That’s the only thing that bothers me about this post.

    But they do live with each other now. So, there’s no way he could be cheating. According to Kayla, of course.

  30. Did I ever tell you guys I was pro-life before Lamebook? It’s true. And this is a fine example of why I changed my mind.

  31. Yup, she id deluded; he is a man-whore

  32. @slippyslappy what’s up with the name? where’d you get the idea? just sayin…

  33. Oh yeah, and he’s a hoe. She’s crazy and non-punctual. Pun intended.

  34. I just have to say this: I’m portuguese, and we actually have a Nobel Prize winner that won the Literature award for the way he writes (he doesn’t use ponctuation) . In case you want to check it out, his name is José Saramago. Don’t try to read it though.. it’s boring. I love reading, I have read a lot of the classics but I can’t rapp my mind around the fact that he won the Nobel Prize for using BAD GRAMMAR! So, you never know, maybe one of this guys will win one day too! L-O-L! (Hope not!)

  35. *wrap

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