Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleep 101

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  1. Next.

  2. Hukd on fonics wurkd for me.

  3. BORING!

  4. fuck, why bother even going to school, america? you’re gonna have mittens for your next prez, so i reckon you should just join the fucking army now.
    because you WILL get drafted.

  5. ^ Fucking hell. There’s still time to save America (and the world) from Romney!

    I did that “I Side With” questionnaire yesterday and was 93% aligned with Gary Johnson’s policies (Libertarian). Jill Stein isn’t too bad either (for a Green).

  6. Romney won’t get elected. Obama is too big of a celebrity here, and too many people are still afraid of Mormons.

  7. ^they’re more scared of black men, but you know…

  8. ^ No, they actually aren’t. Racism isn’t even half as bad in this country as the media leads people to believe.

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