Friday, July 13, 2018

Smart Banking

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  1. What’s this, the world’s most autistic bank? This didn’t happen.

  2. My bank does this shit all the time. Their Fraud Dept. has all sorts of things flagged as “suspicious activity” that just happen to line right up with my lifestyle. Like not using the card at all for 8 consecutive days, then in 36hours, spending $400 in various places across the county, ending with filing up at the gas station by my house. Account’s often locked up at the gas station and I have to call in to assure them it’s me. It happens. (And it’s better than a bank that’s not paying attention— even if it’s only them covering their own ass.)

  3. *filling, ugh

  4. The Beast Among Us

    File that gas. File it!

  5. ^ Good of you to explain, otherwise people might have thought that cailan meant “…filling their own ass”.

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