Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smart Ones

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  1. shadowwhisperer

    First ?

  2. *facepalm*…x3

  3. shadowwhisperer

    I claim that one for Scotland

  4. I love stupid people. Mostly I love laughing at them.

  5. I think we’ve found the next children’s poet laureate.

  6. i refuse to believe moniques shit if for real.

  7. also, i read the last one in ross geller’s voice

  8. Anmol wants to weather his enemies’ rocks?

  9. I work with a girl whose sister moved to Detroit and once she was down there visiting and came across a girl named, La-A, pronounced Ladasha.

    Good story, Hansel.

  10. I am soooo scared for the future!

  11. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and make a wild guess: Ladasha and Monique are black, right?

  12. Ladasha’s was actually funny, albeit in a terrifying, you’re-an-irreconcilable-idiot kind of way.

  13. Jellica-

    No she didnt.

    Why do people insist on spreading bullshit stories that they know arent true?

  14. Actually mrhende, my brother’s coworker had a student named Le-A in his class. I saw the roster. Why do people insist on always being right for shit that doesn’t matter?

  15. Mrhende-

    Actually, I have met someone named La-a (pronounced “Ladasha”). I also knew a Chlc (pronounced “Chelsea”). Snopes is cool and all, but it’s not always right.

    Why do people insist on sending links to websites when they really have no idea what they’re talking about?

  16. the worst…

  17. #7 lol

  18. Dawn of the Dan

    Rapist of shame?
    The errosion I want to cause you?


  19. I know there is alot of people I want to erode.

    My friend who works in a hospital, took care of a little boy named Shit (pronounced shy- et). There’s also a little girl that lives near me named K8lyn…

  20. Even Snopes said the status of the story was “undetermined” so that’s definitely not a basis for saying a story is false.

  21. Oh black people…all my stormtroopers are white.

  22. “Rapist of Shame:” best Japanese black metal song EVER.

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