Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not My Type!

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  1. Transgender 3 is going to be the bomb. Just like The Fast and The Furious second installment,which is 2 F4gs and The Bi Curious.

  2. milkandtwosugars


  3. pepelongstocking

    Wow!! I only paid $34.72 to have sex with marla sanchez and all I had to do was leave her with a poop mustache. dirtysanchez.nut

  4. #3 You got ripped off dawg. Had sex with her and only left her 3 bucks between her ass crack while sleeping.

  5. I hate Brandon. I don’t care how smart he is at math.

  6. #1 would have been funnier if she had put the real version of the title: Dark of the Moon (instead of the number 3).

  7. MMmmmmm breaded humans. You can season that with freshly ground black people.

  8. win7ermute–does the ground black people make it taste like chicken?

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