Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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  1. I am getting so sick of the Internet quote joke. It was not very funny the first time.
    2,000 times later, it is just annoying.

  2. Some of the best fake internet quotes are made of steak. – Oma Hasteaks

  3. Wow Dana, you’re a real champion… Pet steak? Really?

  4. The Knifeketeer

    Lara’s an idiot. Everyone knows that it was Martin Luther King who said that.

  5. mmmmm pet steaks

  6. ….. i had a pet steak once as a kid but mommy made me throw it out 🙁

  7. Dana is joking, right? This is a reference to something I haven’t seen/heard/read, right?

  8. I had to put my pet steak down last night

  9. I wonder how people eat steak, knowing it is so endangered many have not even heard of it??? Genus: Bovine Species: Hinquarterus

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