Friday, July 3, 2009

Smooth Move


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  1. Ooo, embarrassment is always better when brought on by the self.

  2. blumpkins4mccain

    fucking faggots man.

  3. Non-gay basher

    blumpkins – watch your hate speech, asshole. shaving your dick is reserved for morons. don’t take the gay community down with this hairless douche.

  4. Lamebook needs a section “Comments on other Lamebook pictures”, because this is pretty lame

  5. calling some random idiot a faggot is not gay bashing. suck my balls, nutlover

  6. wait, why was a razor even close to the penit?

  7. and Mr. “Fags” is it? Dude, you’re gay. Seriously. It’s ok. Come out of the closet. Your father will be bummed, but your family will eventually accept it.

    It’s OK.

    It’s not your fault….it’s not your fault.

    ($10 says his response involves some sort of thinly-veiled homophobic homosexuality)

  8. words are just words man who cares if someone called me a faggot who cares its just a word it does no real harm to anyone except those who put more into it than need be

  9. He was just a razor nick.

  10. nice cover up there

  11. whats wrong with shaving your pubes… i dont shave it completely smooth but i trim it so i dont have a friggin jungle down there

  12. I don’t go trawling elementary school playgrounds to pick up guys, so I don’t except their junk to be hairless. Really, unless you’re a porn star, why the hell would you shave it?

  13. hope this guy’s grip on his dick is steadier than his grip on the english language.

  14. why are there hairs on his penis anyway?
    penises are hairless… even before brandishing a razor about them.

    i think he has the herpes.

  15. LOL! holy shit people. Brandishing a razor about them? And I think you has the retard gene Missy. My penis has hair on it. Right on the head like a Billy Bob Thornton “SlingBlade” hair cut. HAHAHAHA XD

  16. Irony: douchebags aruguing with eachother on a posting about douchebags.

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