Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Snack Strong!

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  1. The first and last made me laugh a little. I’m starting to question my ability to judge what’s funny and what’s not….

  2. That’s what Lamebook does to you. It blurs your sense of what’s funny and what isn’t until you start laughing at horrible things like AIDS and Two and a Half Men.

  3. Wait, so there was a point where Taco Bell did not make tacos? What the hell, man.

  4. Is the baby crunchy too? What am I saying? Of course it is.

  5. I’m fairly impressed that there are 102 flavours of Doritos, I thought it was just cheese, original and chilli. Well played Doritos, well played.

  6. Lol we’ve had those dorito tacos here for what seems like forever

  7. Weird,we just got them here…

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