Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Mayers Made of…

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  1. FIRST

  2. mmmm hotdogs

  3. Probably neither the first nor the last butthole eating contest in Matthew’s family.

  4. Clearly, the hungry people in Teri’s hotdog contest will go from hungry to full, and hunger in the community will have been decreased.

  5. It’s probably a fundraiser for her community program. Matthew is an asshat. He needs to shut the hell up and mind his own business.

    I bet that he is the butthole eating champion of the world with a trophy and everything.

  6. I thought Matthew was funny.

  7. Wow… is someone a bit ‘touchy’ about the implication (far-fetched though it is) that his daily staple all these years has been horse anus? lex – tell us how you REALLY feel, dude. No holding back, we’re here for you, my troubled little horse ass-eater.

  8. Surely “horse-ass eater”? (Or “horse-arse eater” for us Britons”)

  9. That implication is far-fetched? No way, as long as they clean and sanitize it* it is safe for human consumption and tastes great!

  10. I am a senior USDA Food Safety Inspector and you would not believe what part of the animals are cleared for human consumption. I promise if I told you what was in some of the meat you may not eat it again. It’s safe most of the time.
    My opinion…Scrapple is the worst as far as various parts in the recipe.
    Ground beef is second. Talk about your mix of parts. Even in grade A.
    I don’t eat a lot of meat.

  11. It’s really good to know that a “senior USDA Food Safety Inspector” is named “perpetualstiffy.” I feel so much better about our comestibles now.

    Also, Teri–what’s up with, the random, COMMAS?? It’s really annoying to, read.

  12. perpetualstiffy – my favourite is mechanically separated meat / poultry. Way to make an animal carcass taste great!

  13. Hmmm, I actually know Matthew in real life, he isn’t an asshat. In fact your an asshat. Ha

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