Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snoodlin’ Scotty


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  1. HAH

  2. double gay.

  3. For some reason this strikes me as rather adorable.

  4. This made me laugh, but it was because of the “snoodle snoodle” thing. XD Hee.

    This doesn’t strike me as very lame, silly words aside. I think it’s endearing.

  5. is “snoodle” a slang term for “i want to suck your penis?” i just don’t get the gay talk.

  6. Oh my God. If this wasn’t by gay people nobody would say it’s adorable. Stop trying to look like accepting people. You’re waaay overcompensating.


  8. I don’t find this to be lame at all I think it’s rather sweet.

  9. im pro gay- id still be grossed out if it was straight ppl.

  10. I wonder if they know that snoodling is the same as docking.

  11. lmfao O man I needed a good laugh today. “snoodle snoodle” lmfao omg I’m like crying.

  12. they could be puppy dogs with dildos strapped onto their heads, this would still be endearing.

  13. Anyone who thinks snoodling is like snuggling, well, prepare to be a little shocked

  14. Thanks for the insight into the world of homosexual slang beth… P.S. definition #3 ftw!!!

  15. lol thats some crazy ass shit i am glad i am not gay no offense to anyone 😀

  16. @16
    after the snoodlesnoodle I almsot regret I am DX

  17. Hahaha puppy dogs with dildos strapped to their heads ftw!!

  18. Thumbs down for this one.

  19. Vomit.

  20. It was cute until the snoodling popped up.

  21. Snoodle: The act of an uncircumcised man stretching his foreskin over the penis-head of a circumcised man and then jacking the uncircumcised man off.

    Is it still cute?

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