Thursday, July 4, 2013

So Disappointed

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  1. Just wait for the Grills gone wild – Big fat cow asses

  2. Juicy, wild, Texan steak for $13.99?
    That’s so meaty.

  3. What a shame to spend $14 and not even get to watch drunk girls taken advantage of. /sarcasm

  4. Who pays for porn anyway?

  5. Drunk girls only get taken advantage of when they want to get taken advantage of.

    Also how the fuck did he not realize what he was getting himself into when the subtitle was Wild Texan Barbeque?

  6. Paranoid Android72

    Special Sauce innit.

  7. What kind of pathetic person would even consider paying 14 bucks for porn? Especially something as tame as Girls Gone Wild. Just go online like everyone else.

  8. ^ this is what happens when you copy pasta your status from the mid-nineties.

  9. lamebook should’ve posted a picture of a grill with a bikini attached or something. or partly attached.

  10. I can’t blame him. Grills Gone Wild has gone downhill ever since the Kansas City edition.

  11. copy pasta?

  12. If that’s all it took to stop you from masturbating, you’re not doing it right.

  13. Had a similar experience ordering a Bear Grylls dvd.

  14. as Ray said I’m surprised that someone able to earn $6323 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this website… can99.ℂ­om

  15. You have to give the spammers credit – they are persistent, I’m wondering whether I should check the page out..I’d like to earn $1500 a week on the interwebz

  16. ^ It’s not difficult: just get a webcam and strip in front of it and suck on dildos and stuff like that.

  17. Touche – perhaps I should have said “without compromising myself and becoming a whore”. You do assume that people would want to pay for seeing me do that though..I wouldn’t.

  18. ^ You’d be surprised.

  19. #17
    1. There is nothing wrong with porn, or the people who make it. There is however a problem with a society that can not get enough of it yet does everything it can to devalue the people who give them what they want. The secret is people are afraid of death, this fear is so overwhelming for some that it causes severe trauma. For many the way they cope with this trauma is the shared delusion of religion. Despite many people with mental illness having religious issues no one seems to be willing to admit that most religious fixations are in fact trauma based mental illness.

    2. While I don’t personally “pay for play” I laud the people who sell sex. I get that on the surface it seems wrong, but as with so many things one must look below the surface to see the motivations and the truths therein. The vast majority of regulated sex trade is perfectly healthy, for every horny young person seeking physical relief a fair amount of others are simply seeking comfort and affection. They lack the ability to find it in other ways or don’t desire intimate relationships for a variety of reasons and the sex trade provides it. Whether legal or illegal the sex trade exists everywhere. Yet where it is illegal and frowned upon it is exponentially more likely you will find underage sex slaves for sale or rent. A fact we in the US like to sweep under the rug.

    3. Trust me no matter how big or small, and regardless of what your face looks like someone will want you.

  20. The OP was looking for the Big Beefy Girls edition…he was hoping they smear themselves with…*ahem*…mayo.

  21. I remember the good old days when folk with dyslexia were called ‘fucking stupid half-wit can’t read or write feeble minded cunt boxes’. I miss the good old days.

    Don’t worry I won’t have offended anyone who sufferers from dyslexia… The fucking morons won’t be able to read any of this.

  22. I disagree with you on point #1, Friendzone. I have yet to see a real life lesbian couple that looks as good as the ones in the porn flicks. Every time I’ve seen a lesbian couple, one of them looks like a man that could kick Rodney Dangerfield’s ass.

  23. Get the oil and heat your meat.

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