Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Crusher

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  1. Good for you, Tim.

  2. Open letter to the 88+ friends who liked the above post:

    … the fuck?!??!

  3. Whenever I’m on Facebook and I see “Friend X has reached 20,000 points on Candy Crush/Farmville/Fishing master etc”

    All I read is “Friend X still hasn’t found a job”.

  4. ^How is browsing Facebook any better than playing those games?

  5. *shudder


  6. ^ Say ‘shutter’ in an American accent. Sounds the same. Not that I am defending this heinous transgression!

  7. Fucking amateur. Beat level 125 and then get back to me.

  8. He wants to kick “the pussy in the nuts”, I don’t know about you guys but I think Tim may need to go back to anatomy class.

  9. ^ Blame Candy Crush, because apparently, that’s one of the great feats in his life. I “shutter” when I think about this guy with someone else’s life in his hands.

    Perhaps he can put some shutters in my home.

  10. too bad you didn’t get intestinal cancer

  11. What Tim needs to overcome is the delusion that he is funny

  12. Tim, you should go back to your addiction.

  13. Auckland is in America now Debanem?

  14. could have been worse – he could have included a spider in the story too

  15. what Carolyn responded I didnt know that you can earn $4417 in 1 month on the computer. have you read this page… can99.ℂ­om

  16. Ooooh Ella, you got me. I should pay attention to the details! (But it kinda works for a kiwi accent as well….)


    But Ella, I know Tim and he’s American.

    You choose.

  17. Awww guys, he was just trying to be funny. I got his humor and the post gave me a smile. Go Tim!

  18. ^sorry, Tim’s mum.

  19. Tim all you are doing is lending credence to the concept that people who get terrible diseases get them because they deserve it.

  20. as Ray said I’m surprised that someone able to earn $6323 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this website… can99.ℂ­om

  21. I just lost a lot of respect for Crohn’s disease.

    Or maybe he’s just talking shit…. I know, I know. Fuck off.

  22. Ooooh, so this is where you come to loose faith in humanity. What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

  23. *lose

    What’s “wrong” with us is we lost faith in humanity a long fucking time ago. We gather here to mock the feeble-minded and ignorant specimens that appear on our (or other people’s) news feeds.

    Stick around; you’ll probably learn some new insults using the word “cunt”.

  24. Well… Aren’t you just a cynical little hipster. As I sit here on my leather couch, on top of my the freshly skinned bear rug, admiring my 12 point buck that’s mounted above my animal fat fueled fireplace, whilst eating my 2 week old Veal steak with a side of lamb, I wonder why someone, whose food is the same food that my food shits on, is so sick of her life that she has to laugh at these “feeble-minded” and “ignorant” specimens. Maybe, just maybe, if you weren’t such a bitchy, arrogant, condescending cunt (see i’m learning) of a human being, you might be able to go out and meet someone one who will replace that bitter taste in your mouth with a giant dick, then maybe I wouldn’t have to sit here, laughing at you trying to start a vegan revolution from behind a computer screen.

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