Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Great Advice

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  1. I imagine Emma is what MsAnnThrope looked like before her death. Either that, or a fattish Hindu teenager.

  2. Tell your dumtard husband to lock the door!

  3. Emma looks like a bloke in a bad wig.

  4. Smart.

  5. necrophiliac64258

    There is a 90% chance that Emma has a dick and 8% chance that she/he had vagina surgery and 2% chance that she/he is in fact a women.
    There’s the odds now who’s keen to have a look.

  6. Why not join in?

  7. sack up and fight the power nancy

    finish him off, christ, if he’s gotta keep masturbating maybe you should spread something for him. and if it’s not the womans fault and he’s an ass so she withholds sex from him than the jackass needs to lock the door.

  8. Is there no spank decorum anymore?

  9. This would have been awesome if her answer was:

    A: Lose weight.

  10. Wait, is MsAnneThrope gone???

  11. If it irritates you, use the guest bathroom! FFS!

  12. MsAnnThrope is dead?

  13. Yes, she is. Ytmutation found her.

  14. It’s sad that this woman thought something needed to be done. Maybe she should get cracker.

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