Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Do We Need School…

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  1. “Speaking fluently in your own language is pretty much a requirement for not being an idiot.”

    Pure awesomeness. Everyone who was born after 1989 should be forced to read that statement out loud 500 times.

  2. ROFL!!! J/K. TL;DR.

  3. ^ Make that 1990. I was born in 1990.

    It’s not an age thing though, there are idiots form every era.

  4. *from

  5. I don’t know who i hate more, the innitial post was idiotic but the responder clearly has no life and thinks he’s hot shit… more like cold diarrhea.

  6. The responders comment about music….makes my brain hurt.

  7. Does anyone not see problems with retort or is it just me? Also the irony in the original jpg?. Fuck you internet i’m off to bed. ]

  8. I hate people that make long remarks on someone else’s post. Y? Cuz I like reading things all the way through, but when I come upon long comments, my laziness kicks in and I give up reading

  9. Everything was great until “sorta.”

    *sort of

    The timing of that one could not have been any worse.

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