Thursday, September 16, 2010


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  1. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeejected!

    Also, Gabe.

  2. HAHAHAHA What a slytherin tease!

    Poor Shane was getting his nerd self all hot and bothered and Kimberly put the brakes on just as he was about to hufflepuff his broomstick all over the place.

    Chicks like that give us wimmin-folk a bad name.

  3. “No.”

  4. Now that’s some funny shit.

  5. pahaha!

    also… is Gabe the new Ben? I’m so out of the loop…

  6. i lol’d.

  7. I wonder if he wasn’t actually being serious with his last statement? ‘Siriusly’? Still, it had kinda gone too far.

  8. But…she was leading him on. I mean, nerds only get so many opportunities…

  9. She’s suck a d*ck tease, but she managed to Weasley her way out of it.

  10. It’s fake. Look how long ago Kimberly posted her status vs how long ago the comments were posted. Something just doesn’t add up.

  11. FAKE.

  12. Fake or bad editing who cares. Funny shit. Especially the way she shot his ass right down. haha

  13. wow, the comments were all posted before her status. Neat trick!

  14. i wish this was’s still funny though! faking stuff to send to lamebook is just a whole new level of lame though

  15. Does anyone else here think that the only reason lamebook puts these fake ones up because they are so obviously fake it counts as lame?

  16. aha I think me and savashley had the same thinking pattern going on there… 😛

  17. We should fk. Srsly.

  18. Either I’m a time traveler or facebook’s date stamps are sometimes wrong. I have a post that claims that I posted from my phone on Christmas day, 1966. Since I was not even born yet, and neither was the internet, or Mark Zuckerburg for that matter, I’m fairly certain this is not true. So yeah bad stamps does not automatically mean fake.

  19. My theory on the time issues are that whoever has posted this had taken screenshots at several points with the intention of submitting it – only for more comments to be added. There may also have been comments from other people too (let’s face it, how often do you have something like this without other assholes trying to get in on it or just WTFLOLZORing it?).

    So, yeah – they took all the relevant posts from at least two different screenshots and merged them together (the alignment isn’t perfect, you can see this has been done).

    With that dealt with – I would now like to pass actual judgment on the post: people over the age of 14 who read or care about Harry Potter in any way, shape or form, should be hung by the testicles/breasts (delete where appropriate) until said body parts have turned completely blue.

  20. I’ve noticed facebooks time stamps are out … I posted a status that had an almost immediate reply … So immediate, infact, that the person replying was psychic, and had commented an hour before I posted the status.

    Amazing, huh ?

  21. Wait a minute, don’t have to be 17? What? How old are these two?

  22. I’m a bit scared about how becoming a ‘prisoner of Azkaban’ translates into sex.

  23. Its real lol. Im the one who submitted it.
    I can prove it if anyone wants to see the original

  24. Btw, the people of lamebook severely over edited it. lol.

  25. I don’t know how old they are… but yay, Potter nerd time! One comes of age at 17 in the magical world, so I sort of get that, but after seeing the version that deroch posted, I must say that neither of them should be making jokes about that when 17 is obviously too young for those Muggles to be considering.

    The prisoner of Azkaban stuff is creepy. Why would she make him a prisoner in Azkaban? What the hell has he done to warrant it and why is he even bringing it up? I’m scared now.

    Also, Hufflepuff is by far the worst house.

  26. Kimberley says NO.

    We all know that NO, really means “Fuck me in the ass with your wizardy pole of cream ejecting magicalness”

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  27. They both are of age for sex btw lol.

  28. Hey, deroch, are you aware that you just made it totally easy to find your friends Shane W and Kimberly SW?

    You say they are both of age for sex, but judging by their profile pictures, they are too young for me to want to think about them having sex.

  29. Yeah, just felt compelled to sign up and post this. Not sure who copied who, but from the messed up timestamps this one looks fairly dodgy.

    Anyway, I saw this the other day posted somewhere else online with different names:

    The timestamps on that one aren’t messed up which gives it a bit more validity and it looks like it’s a bit smoother. It works better than this version anyway which makes me think it’s the real one.

    If so, the people who posted this and copied it are unbelievably fucking lame.

  30. Oh and also, in a lot of threads I often find that the comments posted are equally as lame as the topic posts, especially the ones where people think they’re being ‘witty’. Please stop, the cringing hurts my sides.

  31. Terrible, just terrible, oh the humanity of it all, will someone think of the children etc. ad nauseam.

    I’m off to fuck up the Pope, the fucking free-loading, paedo-hiding, gay-bashing, condom-denying twat.

  32. Smartass, heaven forfend that multiple humour websites sometimes post the same stuff.
    If you don’t like the comments to a website you already consider ‘lame’ perhaps you should stop reading them. Or skip over those that are obviously lame.
    Or you can make more lame comments whining about comments and topic posts. It’s really up to you.

  33. De-nied!!!

  34. It should be made into a drinking game.
    Take a shot everytime he says Babe/Baby
    Alcohol poisoning FTW.

  35. What the fuck is up with this? They… ripped it off from another Facebook post? Somebody ripped it off them? Kimberly didn’t even say no, but Lamebook edited it to make it look like they did?

    Whaaat? This is almost as fucking incomprehensible and ridiculous as that movie The Box.

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