Monday, July 6, 2009

Southern Hell


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  1. Someone shoot me! Honestly couldn’t you e-mail her? You were texting her all night but you needed to put this one everyone’s news feed? You deserve to be dragged into the streets and pelted by rocks in the dick.

  2. Aw, he’s gonna end up with a broken heart. Looks like her level of interest is NOT equal to his.

  3. Why’d he have to be near the bathroom while texting her?

    And no, it’s not ok with me that you had to start another post to finish what you felt the need to share. SHUT UP.

  4. I had a boyfriend like this once….
    Excuse me while I have terrible flashbacks.

  5. im i’ll

  6. Stage 5 clinger.

    She’s probably dumped him by now.

  7. notice the ”while doing HW of course” ahhaah

  8. I love how dramatic/creepy his post is. “tonite was the most boring noight of my life. i stood by the bnathroom the entire night texting u”.

    I think my favorite part is his typo’s. They’re epic! “Noight” and “Bnathroom”.

  9. holllleeeeeeee shit.

    Get a hobby dude.

  10. My guess is the reason she wasn’t responding to his texts is she was banging some other dude.

  11. Calibeachballsurfdude98

    is this a joke?

    Also comment number nine by Mike D is retardeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

  12. I would of laughed if she was like “No 2 posts is not ok! Were over!”

  13. by the looks of it, katie is more interested in her hw.

  14. he should kill himself cause of her thatd be funny. i bet shes sucking someones dick right now

  15. aww man he’s gunna get hurt haha

    “try not to miss me too much”

  16. RUN KATIE RUN!!!

  17. tl;dr

  18. wtf lol stella better not be their baby that the tennage mother keeps by her legs on the bed at night in her parents home while hes the teenage father who has to come visit them after school each day cos they’re not old enough to live together? thats my guess anyway, not that it matters.

  19. And I quote:

    “Tonite was the most boring noight of my life”

    followed by:

    “tonight with your parents was so nice”

  20. “erfectly inbetween ur legs and pillow wen u bend ’em”

    Major WTF.

  21. This guy is a major embarrassment to my gender. I hope Katie’s totally playing him and never comes back.

  22. Frankie sounds like such a girl. But Katie must be a damn gymnast to have her bent knees next to her pillow, assuming her pillow is under her head.

  23. –> 2:43 pm, writting with his left hand while playing with his fleshjack:

    “tonite was the most boring noight of my life. i stood by the bnathroom the entire night texting u” … “i hope that’s okahy with u”

    –> and 2 minutes later, he came:

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