Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spaced Out

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  1. @Mass
    …You’re creepy. But I kinda like you.

  2. Thank-you panda… I am sure I like you too. Carrotfest is tomorrow though, better hurry everyone! Google it… it exists!

  3. Good morning, mass. As much as I’d love to come to Canada and taste test carrots with you all weekend, I’ll have to decline. Your carrot festival clashes with our Federal election.

    I have to stay here and vote. Funnily enough, our incumbent female PM has hair the colour of carrots.

    But I haven’t planned anything yet for next weekend…

  4. It’s so funny how I make one comment and this is what happens. EVERYTIME I TELL YOU! so awesome.

    and you’re right “to each his own” sure! but that doesn’t mean I’m going to keep quite about it. every single day I look on my own facebook and see a bunch of bullshit “god” stuff. telling me “god” wants me to do this or that. That it’s “god” who provided me with everything because that’s his “plan” SORRY but that was ME! I did it not GOD!

    why can’t everybody just believe in themselves? maybe if everybody did that, things on this earth would be a lot better…”oh it’s ok, god wants me to focus on my church right now I have no time to diet and exercise, I guess it’s in his plan to start doing that another time.” and you could really insert anything in there besides (diet and exercise) I hear it ALL THE TIME!

    and I for one (and I know many others) find it VERY annoying to hear all this complete bullshit everyday…and don’t tell me not to read it or listen to it either. it’s like a trap I start reading and before I know it, it’s too late. and unless I used earplugs I can’t shut my ears.

    and you HAVE to be kidding when you say we boast just as much as Christians! we’re not the ones with churches on every corner going around to peoples houses and knocking on doors and harassing people to “join us” trying to scare people telling them that if you don’t “you will go to this fiery awful place called HELL after you die!” Denying people to marry just because the bible doesn’t want them too. A BOOK! I mean really! I could go on and on about the many ways that religious people seem to find a way to slither there way into other non-believers life. so no it’s not “to each his own” when they start shutting their mouths I will shut mine.

    I rather care about whats going on right now in my life and with my children and you know what I’m going to teach them?! how to think for themselves! to not just follow what people tell them. to research and find evidence, to think logically.

    and yes I believe there was a man at one time named Jesus but was he the son of GOD? fuck no! he was just a crazy dude who was a little more intelligent that the rest of the people at that time and found a way to scare them into following him. period.

    “With great power comes great responsibility.” There is another that says, “Knowledge is power.” Now, if “Knowledge is power” and “With great power comes great responsibility,” then…

    “With knowledge comes great power and responsibility.”

    I feel great power because I have choose to not follow the sheep in a heard because I educated myself, and now I feel responsible to teach the followers that they should stop and think for themselves!

  5. Woah.

  6. Woah indeed.

  7. Somebody got their tit caught in a wringer…huh?

  8. Wow at ballah’s comment. We do learn a new thing everyday.

  9. It isn’t a moon. It’s a satellite that crosses our orbit.

  10. livingplanetsonfire

    That’s no moon! that’s a spacestation!!!

  11. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    What really fucks me up is that that school is ten mins away from me in England and is one of the schools I work with. But I’m pretty sure Te’koa and Kordelia aren’t local girls! The World Wide Web indeed…

    And a quick comment for MomLovesElectro – I’m a Christian, but it’s unbelievably ignorant of you to judge all Christians as one. If you really have ‘educated yourself’ you should know that I’m following the ‘herd’ not the ‘heard’ and that it would probably be the best thing for all of us if you did ‘keep quite’. Or, with all that extra time you have on your hands whilst I’m praying, gen up on spelling, grammar and puctuation.


  12. Hey, it’s too easy to find this girl on Facebook.

  13. hitmewithyourrhythmvic. aw I feel so sorry for you. I bet you tried real hard to find a misspelling in my comment because thats all you have to come back with. so sad. maybe you should get off of lamebook and start praying more. it’s real Christian of you to laugh at other peoples expenses huh?

    it took me 5 minutes to write that so it’s not that big of a deal to me. sorry I misspelled ONE word in that whole comment. so sorry I made your tiny brain work real hard to figure it out.

  14. Who the fuck cares??

  15. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ MomLovesElectro – it was two.

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