Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Speedy Success

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  1. From an Englishman’s perspective, that last one was funny as it took a few extra seconds to work out.

  2. Airr: Don’t forget English and/or anything else having to do with writing. And I’d be curious to know how Harrison was able to take 3.4 classes.

  3. Oh, also, it’s ‘maths’.

  4. What the hell Justin Bieber had a movie? I’ll bet Harrison’s 17 cents that must’ve been the prequel to Brokeback Mountain.

  5. Well said SamuelWise. If there’s one thing that gets my goat it’s the word math being used instead of maths.

  6. @SamuelWise and Growl3th, I was born in Scotland so I understand, but I live in Canada now and it’s just Math in North America. Never an s on the end.

  7. What’s the fucking point of having a vasectomy?! As if you’d let some fucker go at your Spunkbuckets with some scissors?!

    Follow my advice, after plastering a fanjitas’ cumtrough with a load of Seedmilk, quickly insert the nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner into her stench cave and turn it on.

    This is a safe and hygienic way of making sure the fucking mercenary slag can’t hold you to ransom for 18 years or however long it takes for the little fuckers to grow up nowadays.

    Smooth like Velveeta.

  8. Yeah, it’s Math here in the US….to say Maths here is to mean multiple Math subjects/ pluralise. We’re weird like that.

    @cheesuschrist I am fully prepared to accept and take any bashing you might give me for asking, because I love your foul mouthed rantings so much. Are you Imamofo? He seems to have disappeared right around the time I noticed you coming into existence on the site.

  9. @Keona Yes he is mofo bitch. Now TITS or GTFO.

  10. Thank you sir, may I have another sir? *GsTFO*

  11. You can still ejaculate after a vasectomy.

  12. “From an Englishman’s perspective, that last one was funny as it took a few extra seconds to work out.”

    Why is that? Are Englishmen inherently stupid? Because 17 is a prime number. Even if you don’t know that a nickel is worth 5 cents, you presumably know it’s worth a whole number of cents.

  13. Woah, easy compadre. Yes, it took me exactly 3 seconds to digest:

    a) what a nickel is;
    b) that 5 doesn’t go into 17.

    My first thought when I look at a number isn’t, “Oh, that’s a prime”. Dipshit.

  14. Sam, you don’t need to know if it is prime to know if it is divisible by 5, just notice that the last digit is neither 0 nor 5. Dipsh!t.
    Ah, English, so perhaps did not realize what a nickel was.
    Cheese, vasectomies are great and virtually painless.

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