Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

More epic typOHs! here and here!

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  1. A dessert storm sounds pretty good.

  2. tweetatcelebritytypos

    Out of all the posts on here, the word fails are my favorites. Do you think the dessert storm included the “good fuck bill” cake?


  3. lamebook, pop: 2

    How awesome it is to come back to this. *sarcasm

  4. Did a three year old draw that tattoo?

  5. I don’t like being fuckt wit either. Owrd.

  6. Excellent buy.

  7. What did Cleo buy?!! The mystery will never be solved!!!

  8. A cake for being a great lay, now that’s something to aspire to. Good job Bill, you are my hero.

  9. I think she bought the farm

  10. So how many daddies does Turtle Lover belong to?

    And I’m not gay but I have enough gay friends to know what ‘servicing man’ equates to in those circles. ‘Dessert Storm’ might actually prove to be the less disconcerting of those two typos.

  11. pandainspandex

    I could go for a dessert storm right now…

  12. pandainspandex

    Oops sorry, crane. Didn’t read the comments before I posted.

  13. I wish it had been a dessert storm…

    Then the soldiers of my totally innocent and completely blameless country would have been coming home covered in strawberry jelly and rice pudding instead of with bullet holes in their backs.

    Danish Blue on Blue.

  14. Well, at least he’s a man of knoledge. That must be worth something in the USA of A.

  15. That cake is not a typo. That’s just a capital cursive “L” similar in shape to a lowercase cursive “f.”

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    These people might end up in charge of something someday and they gave Tim a loaded weapon. Jesus.

  17. jelmermcgee, you’re right. It’s not a typo. It’s a squirto.

  18. Thanks Wallace, er, I mean, jelmermcgee.

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