Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stay Fresh

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  1. Who had the blind monkey theory? I’m starting to believe you now.

  2. Alright, new drinking game.. it’s a vodka shot for every repeated post. And you have to yell ‘snap’ before you slam it.
    Or maybe yell ‘wanker’?

  3. I know who you are. You’re a douche bag for cutting everybody who’s been in line waiting

  4. Has any (even remotely) interesting story since the advent of the written word ever started with “So Subway has introduced online ordering”? I doubt it.

  5. Just noticed the title of this post. Lamebook should heed their own advice.

  6. Yawn! Repeat.

  7. Are you TRYING to kill us all with alcohol poisoning frankenstein?

  8. yeah but if you order online you can’t get banned from the location for fingering your girlfriend.

  9. Can we still get banned for fingering YOUR girlfriend?

  10. fingering someone’s girlfriend >>> eating a subway sandwich

    subway is gross

  11. I bet this guy stores his urine in mason jars.

  12. “I stood in line not realizing I ordered online.” Huh?

  13. The last time I went to Subway with my seventy-fourth wife I made sure she got a 12″.

    You’re all grown ups now, so sort out your own fucking punchline… I suggest something including either ‘Honey Mustard’ or ‘Hearty Italian.’

  14. I think the last time this was posted my comment was something to the effect of: Yep, this dude will be confused for about five minutes until he gets to the counter and asks how the other guy got his sandwich so quick. He will probably be baffled for hours as to why that dumbass waited in line with him if he already ordered his meal online.

  15. It must be repost week for these Facebook fail sites. Sure these are a year or two old but they were so funny back then they aren’t that funny now.

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