Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stayin’ Positive

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  1. I’ve been known to leave women shaking, but that’s usually from morbid terror and/or nausea

  2. I prefer black hole raped.

  3. meh.

    Alexis don’t know shit. Tyler Durden’s gonna bust her up.

  4. Only after he treats her to a £7 dog food dinner.

  5. i heart Gen

  6. how did i not know about the leet speak language option before today? thank you lamebook.

  7. Alexis broke the second rule too. tsk tsk.

  8. Could Colin be more pathetic?

    Also, pretty sure Nate’s joking.

  9. Alexis broke no rules. She said she was going to start a fight club. If she’s starting it, she can make the rules. … Right? Don’t hurt me, Tyler.

  10. And Colin is why one should probably unfriend one’s ex’s.

  11. My real name is Sun. Yes, I’ve had to escalate my activities in order to rise properly and be able to eject plasma from from my pole. But Rachel and Cammie should just thank their lucky stars that I haven’t yet advanced to the black hole phase.

  12. Our Sun isn’t large enough to be a black hole. If anything it will turn into a white dwarf…

  13. sun raped kind of made me laugh.

  14. I <4 Soup.

  15. Poor Colin is missing Allie’s new lover, back when the dude was Colin’s. Get over it Colin, some guys only like bangin Colin’s colon til a hot little Allie comes along.

  16. Randy fails for using leet speak. Not cool at all -__-

  17. I feel a bit of a douche for pointing out that Nate stole a tweet of mine for his dog food status.


    Well done Nate.

    It wasn’t even that good.

  18. There is a facebook in 1337?? I had no idea

  19. im using leet speak now 🙂

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