Thursday, July 21, 2011


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  1. His mum is hot!!

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    As a rule for guys. When dating a girl, take a good look at the mother because that is how she will end up. It’s true 90% of the time. The mom is fat, the daughter will get fat, the mom has ultra saggy boobs, you better bet she will get em too. A friend of mine stopped seeing this one girl after he met her mother.

  3. vaginalroundhouse, you must be single.

  4. So is vivianx.

  5. REALLY?! How fucking sad is your life that you need to post your lame-ass ADVERTISEMENT on EVERY. FUCKING. POST? Grow the fuck up and get a damn job, then you’ll have money, and you won’t have to suck’s dick. Jesus Christ.

  6. vaginal roundhouse…as much as I wish that the internet was never invented so that I didn’t have to know that morons like you existed, I am comforted by the fact that you probably spend your entire day ON the internet, ergo doing a huge service to the real world and sparing them from any actual interaction with you. catch 22 for real yo!!!

  7. chompchomp is either a fat mom, a bitch with a fat mom, or a fat bitch with a fat mom. i put vivianx’s entire bank roll on it…

  8. You’re generalising there, vag. I look nothing like my mother. I look like my father.

  9. the response is always “mom wtf”

  10. Ha so you’re saying you’ll bet nothing on that statement? Ouch..that really hurts

  11. Complete with stache and balls, Wordy?
    My kinda gal 🙂

  12. I look more like my mom. She did have a weight problem, though luckily not whale size. Just a bit of one. I’ll be on this diet forever to keep myself from getting fat, so that kid of kills that theory….if the daughter takes measures to prevent a weight problem, that solves that issue.

    The saggy boobs?….get rich and get surgery, or just get so anorexically thin that you have so little breasts that they can’t sag. 😀

  13. @Word…good one, have not laughed on LB for a while like that, and vaginalroundhouse’s statement has plenty of merit (in a general sense); to those morons whom have never heard of genetics and X and Y chromosomes

  14. VaginalRoundhouse

    You must be fat like your mother.

    You must not like to end your sentences.

  15. Vaginal roundhouse clearly knows nothing about biology or genetics!! genes skip, combine etc etc. Your point only holds water in a case in in-breeding! Get an education dude!

  16. Genes do not skip. They may be recessive (i.e. require two copies to produce a phenotypical characteristic), but they do not simply disappear in one generation and magically appear in the next.

    Phenotype can skip, genes cannot. They are either there or they are not.

    In any case, only seeing the mother provides false security, since we only share 50% of our genes with each parent.

  17. Get pwned by Shadowpolish, bitches!

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