Thursday, July 16, 2009

stop please ->

stop please

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  1. And she wonders why nobody loves her…

  2. What I’m wondering is if she thinks no one loves her because no one wants to follow her goddamn twitter! And how’d it go from being a week to a month?

  3. I think Katy is a partner at STFU and associates.

  4. My head a-sploded again.

  5. OMG Folow me on TWitter and read the exact same status update but this time on yer fone.

  6. I bet the link that she posts actually leads to a goatse site.

  7. the link actually takes you to a somewhat cheesy country song on iTunes… figures…

  8. I think my head is going to explode

  9. What does it all mean?? o_O Why are my initials there? What will happen to me in a month!?
    Why can’t we vote to revoke her facebook account for abusing it with her stupidity? Make the world a better place and select against the stupid!

  10. HAHAHAHA… I figured her insane ramblings out, in part thanks to my 10-year-old sister (read: thinly veiled attempt to maintain heterosexuality).

    CT = carter twins (the itunes link), dunno who TS or KU are… JB = jonas brothers, HS = honour society (*shrug*), and DL = demi lovato…

    Fuckin’ tweens, gotta love em…

  11. Seriously it’s like cracking the Rosetta Stone or something.

  12. TS = Taylor Swift?

    Just a guess….

    oh and KU could be Keith Urban!….

    I really have no idea.

  13. I lol’d at Potato Head, sounds like a version of Rosetta Stone I never knew I needed until now.

  14. Why doesn’t anyone love you? BECAUSE THEY ALL FUCKING HATE YOU.

  15. @Crys:

    “Rosetta Stone”, before being a collection of popular language instruction software (to which I believe you are referring), was an actual stone used to decipher ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics (the stone to which Potato Head was referring).

    Not to be a stickler… just a fun fact…

  16. What programming language is this?

  17. I think it’s ForTran.

  18. laughing Hysterically

    yeah i think TS is taylor swift..
    my cuzin pulls this shit on myspace the never-ending goddamn fuckin countdown on every damn status

  19. This is probably THE most confusing post i ever read since … Errrr…


    I can understand if she has a ‘typing condition’ that makes her type abnormally and if her friends(if she has any that is) could give her some love. it would really get her some real people to talk to.

  20. omg some ppl r really losers get a fucking life

  21. I think that TS is Taylor Swift and KU is Keith Urban. Why use words when we can just use the first letter of the word instead?

  22. WTF is this?

  23. I don’t know what the fuck any of this says.

  24. Katy sounds like a dumb bitch

  25. Omfg, she condenses like 10 thoughts into one status. :O

  26. Wow, she can’t even get the right band on there! lol.

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