Saturday, August 11, 2012

Straight Talk

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  1. This is unreal.

  2. Well aside from the whole twilight thing it does kind of accent his man boobs…a little too twink for my tastes, but whatever makes the fucking queer and his future wife happy…I guess…

  3. tattoo fail

  4. I can see the regret oozing out of his pores already.

  5. “I love gay guys.” what kind of condescending fucking airheaded cunt says something like that?
    what? like they’re puppies or something?
    jeff dahmer was gay. john wayne gacy was gay <- not exactly loveable characters, are they cyn? fuck you cyn.

  6. Lamebook must be under new management.

  7. Maybe, Ms., he simply means he loves being diddled in the balloon knot and you are just over analyzing it.

  8. If some guy took his shirt off and I saw that all I could do is point and laugh. I damn sure would not marry someone with because I could not stop laughing long enough to EVER have sex with him.

  9. Sinister Purposes

    Who did this tattoo? A blind five year old? Yikes! I’d ask for a refund.

  10. Chill out, Anne. Gay guys make the best girlfriends. The above-mentioned serial killers were not gay, they were psychotic pedophiles.

  11. ^ yes because all gay men have exactly the same personality, right? And they all act like those queer eye guys.. You’re an idiot if you really believe that.

  12. I honestly thought the top werewolf was the end of an amazingly long beard at first, which would have slightly cancelled out the horrific tattoo.

    Also, being gay is no excuse for a shitty tattoo like this. Gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, panfuckingsexual, if you have that tattoo you’re an idiot.

  13. gay psychotic pedophiles.

  14. ahh shite.. the kid is obviously just a Caring Understanding Nice Type.. it’s not him I blame

    the arse puncher of a tattooist though.. id cut that fuckers hands off and then sew the stumps together.. just to be sure

  15. Should have gone with Thundercats.

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  17. That shit is gayer than AIDS!

  18. paza is fail and gay

  19. This is no more gay nor regrettable than the ‘Smurfs’ tattoo that emblazons my chest.

  20. And to top this fuckery off there are drops of water (dew) all over his chest. All that’s missing is glitter.

    Oh but, Jemmy, I’m sure your guy is the manliest guy in the world.

  21. @Rubert – It’s actually *loads* gayer than the Smurfs.
    But I don’t wanna take away from your gayness – so go ahead and embrace it.

  22. ^ Well, it’s Papa Smurf peeking out from rubert’s thatch of chest hair, so I’d say the level of gayness is up there…

  23. I applaud your proper use of the word thatch, Bacchante. I’m a visual thinker, so, congratulation for creating that repulsive image in my head..

  24. ^then don’t think about what he’s got peeking out of his thatch of ass crack hair.
    (hint;- it’s some pellets of shit-stained toilet paper and the reek of loneliness)

  25. Fuck you asshole! 🙂

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