Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Student Solutions

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  1. “oh dear, i didnt recognize you from when you were in my 6th grade class!”

  2. Awww… Old men have feelings too, you know? *cough* *cough*

  3. You can’t quote yourself

  4. Haha, good one, Kelsey!

    She left out the part where she blew him in the men’s room anyway.

  5. “Thank you for the compliment, but I’m not interested” would be far too much like hard-fucking-work.

  6. Whatever, I’ve been in his shoes more than once in my time. Although I’ve had much better lines. Even “Nice shoes, wanna fuck” is more likely to get you some clit-spit than this dudes lame attempt.

  7. …”This is what i wanted to say, but I didn’t.

  8. How much older is considered “much older looking?” I mean, if she’s 19, and he’s 25, is that considered “much older?” Because when she’s 40, and he’s 46, that’s not going to be that big of a deal anymore.

    Now, if she’s 19, and he’s 46, perhaps he should show her his pension.

  9. Let’s see….

    No daddy issues. Check.
    Not a gold digger. Check.
    Able to stand up for herself. Check.

    Post has to be fake.

  10. What’s a schoolgirl doing in a bar?

  11. “Well why don’t ya hang with me and let the master teach you something else from a different school”

    Don’t underestimate the dude’s pickup line. Although its as lame as it gets, in this context, more experienced shoppers like to see what they’re dealing with by trying a lame line. Its the resisting ones you want, they’re protecting something worth having, and you got to have some sort of filter to find those.

  12. Yeah dudes that are likely stably employed, and courteous are just terrible.

    Pro tip, the best response to her line is: Well I hope you kept the uniform.

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