Thursday, November 24, 2011


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  1. Just checked Mr Terrance Jenkins profile and I’m guessing this guy is just having a laugh, there’s no way he’s for real.

  2. you mean he didn’t really have sex with my mother?

  3. I wouldn’t rule that out. Everyone else has had her.

  4. I don’t get the reference to Little Wayne lyrics on train tracks. Is that something people do?

  5. I’d guess it’s something one particular girl has done, quite probably a girl he is related to / stuck in the friend zone with / just broke up with.

  6. i first check that isn’t your mum Jenkins…. that would be disappointing….

  7. Sam – Aww… I’m the heartbroken teenager that had to listen to your dribble, how about you talk to them and sort it out before you start posting and dropping yourself to her level by posting sh*t ass statuses like theres

  8. 124 likes?? For reelz?

  9. .

  10. no

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