Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Funday!

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  1. First? Heck yes!

  2. lol they forgot to edit out a part of the dude’s name at first… he’s tom ‘dreamo’ dreha

  3. And God will say: “Up top, my son.”

  4. God will say,

    “Good job lad, I wish my first born had spent more time getting bacon and blowies instead of walking around with 12 men all the time, the big closet homo”

  5. then:

    “You did moan out my name a couple of times while at it”..Oh God, yeah

  6. https://www.facebook(dot)com/DominatrixGimpmask?sk=wall

    Pretty sure this guy set the whole thing up.

  7. CommentsAtLarge

    Tom’s logic doesn’t stand – Dominic could stick to the Bacon and Blowies in the morning and hit church in the afternoon. He would be welcomed into the gates of Heaven and commended on his multi-tasking.

  8. I sincerely hate religious people who can’t just keep their fucking mouths shut about it.

  9. Fuck you Dominic you heathen shitpig!

    You’re not man enough to believe in a Fairytale Entity who apparently makes you speak complete fucking gibberish and roll about on the floor in front of a room filled with psychologically vulnerable people who are open to the power of autosuggestion!

  10. ^ I lolled 😀

  11. I love religious nuts like this, gotta love you Americans

  12. Dude, these guys are British.

  13. Tom seems to be a bit obsessed with Church. He is also a bit confused; he doesn’t seem to know what manly means. Instead of trying to coax people onto being religious he should concentrate on not being such a stupid fucking COCK SUCKER!! FUCK YOU, YOU ARE ALL COCK SUCKERS AND I HATE YOU ALL. FUCK OFF AND DIE!!

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