Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surgereez Louise

Surgereez Louise

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  1. Bitch got slutalitis.

  2. Lordy, this one is the lamest of the lame.
    The more people talk about shagging, the less they actually are in reality.
    These two are morons.

  3. @45- she can’t have alcohol because it causes her to become a whore and abuse her already battered genitals

  4. “the millions of comments you’ll eventually get”
    yes im sure all your friends are going to willingly post the status of their virginity for everyone to see…

  5. “the millions of comments you’ll eventually get” – she says this the next day, after she is still the only person to have commented

  6. @ Gina

    Actually, that response was only 42 minutes after the original post. Sorry for the following word…fail.

  7. *punches BRad and Kelliee in the face*

  8. Thanks, Ryanoceros. Makes sense.

  9. @knucklepopper
    hahahhahahaha! you are hilarious.

  10. A women in Australia won $2000 worth of damages from her lover for sex injuries earlier this year. I’d take a courgette/zucchini over a pineapple normally but for two grand….?

  11. Is anyone else sick of the long descriptions of what people are doing in between asterisks? It’s starting to get to me.

    *Slams head against wall hoping that I will black out and no longer be able to read your terrible status updates*

  12. ROFL, if she was jumping up and down really fast her boobs would jiggle…ALOT.

  13. *wipes away the tears she cried from laughing at mad’s comment*

  14. It sounds like he was tryin to set up a clever way of announcing he just lost his virginity.
    “who’s a virgin?” (BRad)
    “Who ZOMG?” (One of BRad’s lame friends)
    “Not me any more! Bam!” (BRad)
    or something like that.

  15. @ mad

    Slamming your head against the wall may be hazardous to your health, please be careful.

    *just saying*

  16. either it was an abortion… leep procedure or she had some really rough sex and needed stitches…

    Any type of surgery your not suppose to drink for a bit afterward due to it thinning your blood.

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