Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet Cherry Pie


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  1. TMI

  2. We, the public, do not want to read this.

  3. and obviously wasn’t that great… or you wouldn’t be on fb…

  4. LOL shoot her please

  5. Nothing worse than people posting statuses where they pretend they’re being all secretive but they actually know everyone is gonna know they’re talking about sex.

    If you need to let everyone know about it, then there’s definitely something wrong, whether it’s something wrong with the sex, or something mentally wrong with you, you need to see some sort of psychiatrist.

  6. “Glad the juice was worth the squeeze?” I wanna watch chris die painfully!

  7. Talia FTW.

  8. Not lame…in any way shape or form.

  9. This was more boring than lame.

  10. @Mickey: the lameness was lay in the absense of lameness.

  11. *lameness lay.


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