Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keep Dreamin’


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  1. VOMIT. Is he your boyfriend or your child???

  2. Probably both Julie.
    Probably both.

  3. child.
    “keep your head up” she says.

  4. eh, why so cynical? she may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but that’s no reason to shit all over her declaration of L-U-V. meanies.

  5. To put a smile on his face???
    Kiss him WHERE exactly?

  6. One slap at a time…

  7. hahahaa- I will ‘kiss you there.’ BRILLIANT.

  8. Tiny boy, little boy, baby boy, I need you
    Tiny boy, little boy, I want to touch you boy
    If you only knew what I do to you, if I was that boy that’s inside of you

  9. hahahaha lamebook soooooo has to exist. statuses (is that right?) like that _need_ to be shown to the world!

  10. Seems to me that these older Lamebook posts are just for people whose lives are so miserable that they have to attempt to make fun of people that have happiness. Get. A. Life. All 9 of you.

  11. I agree with the person above. Those older post aren’t that lame, haha.

  12. Kenada wins.

  13. :Larst.

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