Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Would Learn Punctuation


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  1. I would totally do it.

  2. what.

  3. this is the ultimate lamest

  4. I think my brain just exploded.

  5. OMG like just have a foursome already!!!

  6. I would do it but then I would worry that my best friend would hear me and then they would want to do it to each other and that would be weird and what if everyone just wanted to talk to each other does that means we are all dating everyone else

  7. rofl at Anon!!

  8. they were probably there, lying in the bed, contemplating, and “Theo” says “hey, wait, let’s see what everyone on Facebook says.” idiots…

  9. I think Theo just thought that bringing up the subject of sex would help get him laid. Poor Theo, his right hand is doing quite a bit of work.

  10. Theo listen i am a chick i asked my friends they all said dude shove the beds together and go at it who cares about the friend he can watch or sleep or whatever seize the day but stay safe what do u guys think that’s what i say??????????


  11. Go find bushes to fuck in hahaha

  12. I’d learn to spell ‘scenario’ and I’d remember that EVERYONE on my facebook could read that status, and then I’d probably consider popping some more valium and going the fuck back to bed.

  13. This is either the lamest hypothetical known to man, or by some miracle he was actually in this situation and froze up because his facebook cronies hadn’t told him whether to get laid or not. Punctuation and spelling would be the least of his problems.

  14. I would do it because the person my best friend wants to talk to is in the room and also because there are different beds. I don’t like that. So if my best friend wants to talk to the person I want to talk to then I will move the bed and I will talk to the person my best friend wants to talk to until my best friend wants to exchange and I will talk to my best friend while the person I want to talk to watch me and the person my best friend wants to talk to have sex.

  15. Wow, I think Paola might be the girl from this “scenerio”…

  16. But…then who was phone?

  17. F yeah!

  18. Wait, who am I fucking?? …And did Theo go on Facebook for advice, while this was actually all going on?

  19. Your best friend would not cockblock you. You have to do it.

  20. How many people are there?? Sounds like 5. Gang Bang city.

    1. The ‘hypothetical’ person in question.
    2. The person she is talking to.
    3. Her best friend.
    4. The person the best friend is talking to.
    5. The person the ‘hypothetical’ person wants to talk to, who wants to have sex.

    In seriousness, I think Theo meant 3 or 4 people but his English is dire.

  21. One my by best girlfriends had sex with her boyfriend right next to me in my double bed one night – I’ve got to say that it was awkward.

  22. I am a total slut. I would do that and more. And, because I’m such a slut, my best friend would get off on it.

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