Saturday, May 16, 2009

Da Ladies Lamest DJ

da ladies lamest dj

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  1. He’s “So Drunk” but came home and got on Facebook? Wow I didn’t know thats something you did when you were That Drunk.

  2. and then turned around got in his car and went BACK to the place he left his phone…fucking d bag

  3. CJ the DJ needs to stop taking GHB and scratch a new CFI track

    CFI-Complete fucking idiot

  4. what’s he doing rhyming when he’s ‘that drunk’?

    bar, car
    open, 2am.

    read it like a rap.

  5. Thanks for drunk driving THREE times. And yet, no crash? /disappointed.

  6. @Sem I agree, totally.

  7. @Sem My thoughts exactly.

  8. Someone execute this guy before he can reproduce.

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