Thursday, May 9, 2013

Switch to Jesus

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  1. Cue frankenstein to correct “of” to “have”

  2. I wonder how that 15 minute phone call went?

  3. Frankie won’t be on for a while. It’s night time in Australia.

    So I’ll do it.

    Dammit, Kameron, it’s HAVE</i! Must HAVE switched.

    Oh, and dammit, Kameron, it’s CAMERON! Which is a derivative of the Spanish word for shrimp.

  4. A hockey pun would have fit right in Jesus’ 5-hole.

  5. Jesus died for our bills.

  6. tellingitreal

    he died so we could have it our way.

  7. Thanks beatus, you put that perfectly (and showing just a hint of code, you saucy minx).

  8. Charlie seems like the type of guy who would be into all kinds of freaky shit…red karls, Monroe transfers, extreme S&M, Japanese devil dogs, that kind of thing.

  9. hannibal-lecture

    Jesus doesn’t need insurance.

  10. Jesus saves, but he’s no goalkeeper.

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