Monday, July 1, 2013

But Still…

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  1. Somebody should be reading something.

  2. “9 minutes ago”

  3. I have to remind myself, to keep from shaking my head, that he/she is probably no older than 12 and probably just got out of Sunday Bible School.

  4. Wow. In this scenario, the atheists don’t know what they’re talking about either.

  5. rainbowcubes87

    @Ripley, I think the Atheists she talked too probably tried to convince her it was MORE than a billion years old.

  6. …Because we’re assuming that all of this person’s friends are smart and educated? Okay.

  7. Okay I’m an agnostic who leans towards atheism but even I know that the bible says the world is somewhere around 6 thousand years old.

  8. She’s stupid but at least she can spell. That’s something I guess…

  9. BonniePleasant

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  10. Another reason why kids shouldn’t have Facebook accounts.

  11. I wonder how older her Mincraft world is…

  12. I doubt he was talking to any specific atheist.
    as an American, I’m guessing this person is also an American, and in America only Christians and atheists exist (all non-Christians automatically being those evil atheists). but then again, in America most people don’t have a damn clue what’s in the bible but they feel the need to make laws based on it even though they probably would break down into a hissy fit if they actually had to follow the book to the letter.

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