Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sylly Student! You’re Screwed!

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  1. thisISmywittyusername

    The professor actually says I hope you are in my class, but, whatevs.

  2. Took me all of two minutes to locate and confirm what TIMWU. Funnier with the original retort from the prof.

  3. Jacked post is jacked. I’m usually not one to complain but for fuck’s sake Lamebook,step your game up!

  4. Yeah, when you suddenly realize upon searching that the post doesn’t actually say “you are in my class,” it’s a lot less funny. Sigh.

  5. Any attempt to get Joseph into Professor David’s class is clearly just a pimp conspiracy.

  6. Lamebook, this is the third time i’ve seen a post thats been changed to make it seem funnier. unfortunately none of your post have ever been funny.

  7. I agree with djsspecs … would have been funnier with the original reply. Why mess with it??

  8. Doggone it Lamebook, you screwed up my submission! >:-(

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