Friday, September 7, 2012

Striking a Chord

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  1. Haha, not bad.

  2. This post is inaccurate because Bobby Brown and Ike Turner.

  3. Rihanna is definitely not beautiful. Sorry, I don’t dig bitches that shave half of their head and have 40 piercings in their ears. She’s gross.

  4. Rihanna is definitely near the far right end of the hotness scale.
    I’m guessing #3 prefers more of a Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling type.

  5. She might be hot, but a great singing voice she doesn’t have… unlike Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. And yes, I do prefer more an Adam Levine type. 😉

  6. Glad i’m not the only one thinking she’s a dog

  7. oh. the weekly chris brown joke?
    fantastic. I was almost at the risk of forgotting.

  8. What a terrific pun

  9. Boring.

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