Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To Each Their Own

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  1. Stever bummed Ben after smoking 20hours worth of Blunts.

  2. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Are we supposed to conclude that Lenore has been the victim of domestic violence and that’s why her comment is funny?

    Because there are any number of ways a person can get a black eye. She might do martial arts and have had a minor sparring accident. Sometimes “I walked into a door” really is the truth. I walked into a door once.

  3. Darn it! I’m having a hard time making out her fa1ce with that pixe2lated eye! I also can’t read that her na1me says Le2nore Ra1by 1Bor2ck!

  4. Drchalk, easy there tiger – hit a nerve or something? I think the funny part is supposed to be the “hit life head on” sentiment mixed with the black eye.

  5. dr, I think you’re Lenore’s husband.

  6. Bet she “fell down some stairs” too. I’m sure she’s just “really clumsy” and always falling all over the place…like into her husband’s fist. Okay, I was just being a brat because drchalk flipped their shit.

  7. But really, why have that as your profile pic?

  8. Why name someone born after 1856 Lenore?

  9. anonnamus, her parents were ravens.

  10. Nevermore.

  11. Maybe she’s a derby chick. I know several who’ll post pics of their injuries after a bout.

  12. I once made the same mistake as Jared… I now look like Simon Weston on a bad hair day.

  13. The only thing classier than Brenna’s blunt wrapper purse is a black tie affair in the Hamptons.

  14. Lenore posted another picture of her eye about 22 hours ago, somebody asked what had happened and this is her reply

    ”My husband lost his temper and hit me. They think it was more then once considering i was knocked out from the first blow. And yes, he did go to jail and i already put a restraining order on him too! I will not let a man live with me that does this to anybody! Oh and this was my valentines present from him on feb. 14th 2011.”

    so yeah…she was a victim of domestic violence. probably because her name is fabric softner…

  15. 🙁 ^

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