Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ta Da!

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  1. This fucking blows. I dont know why this would be posted on lamebook. Not even remotely funny.

  2. *don’t

  3. There seems to be some confusion in this post. In my previous sentence I am not specifying a fucking location.

  4. Yes you are, Samuel. The location is “in this post.”

    The guy should have included
    Yore: a long fucking time ago.

  5. were nawt all jenuises, I dunt kno wat they’re problme as! UR just made cuz sum1 fucked you’re sister/girlfrend!

  6. Well there you go.

  7. “There” does not always indicate location when used as a pronoun. “There is no god”.

    Ryan is a fucking douche. There.

  8. “There” is never a pronoun, smartypants. I, you, he, she, it, this … there? But I bet it felt good to write that. Just like it feels good to write this. We’re all so clever, aren’t we?

  9. *ain’t…

  10. Well, you all made me laugh. Now let’s get ice-cream!

  11. I might be a douche too but Ryan made me laugh. And I think he’s accurate as fuck.

  12. Ryan made me nod my head and say, “Fuck. Yes.”

    But yeah, I guess education and respect for the written word has become synonymous with douchiness somewhere along the line. I’m okay with that.

  13. ^if by ‘somewhere along the way’ you mean since the more intelligent members of our species stood upright and started questioning shit.
    Since that time, the dung-munchers and mouth-breathers have been flinging their tasty dung at as in sheer, terrified jelly that we will get smart enough to discover eugenics.

  14. *at us.
    Damn. I was on a roll there, too.

  15. Ah, eugenics. Hope for the species after all.

  16. Overuse of a word

  17. Which word? Douche?

  18. dafuq did I just read?

  19. I always thought ‘Eugenics’ was the masculine version of the name ‘Eugenie’- then I was rounded up and executed for being mentally insufficient.

  20. Hello fuckheads, everyone’s smart online.

  21. No. Not everyone.

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