Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tabatha’s Typos

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  1. First, second, who really gives a fuck.

    I wish to have Daniel’s babies but given that it is a medical impossibility for me to have children, I will settle for a reach-around.

  2. I liked that…
    And I’ll have Daniel’s babies for you

  3. Ahhahaha very good Daniel. She made it soooo easy.

  4. I could never date a woman that couldn’t spell. I proof this post twice by the way to be sure I didn’t look like an idiot.

  5. proofed*

  6. i actually laughed at this one lol!!

    i used to know people like Tabatha who made it WAY to easy to fuck with.

    kudos, daniel!

  7. Tabitha*

  8. brilliantbrunette08

    it’s not ‘proof’ or ‘proofed’…it’s proofread*

  9. LOL – I actually laughed at this one. Daniel FTW!

    And BTW – @sasha: too* easy

  10. I hate all you anal retentive grammar natzi’s!

    But your all hilarious!

  11. *Nazis

  12. * You’re

  13. nazis, but…*

  14. Ah, Grammar Nazis. 🙂 Tabatha really should have stopped while she was behind. Just another example of digging your own grave.

  15. I actually have tears running down my face. The post was funny and the comments even better. Best one in a while.

  16. Anal receiving*

  17. Daniel, Mexican*

  18. I’m slightly confused on why he corrected “hate” as “hate”… Isn’t it the same word?

  19. Good song.

  20. I'm Canadian Also

    terrible song

  21. #8, you’re wrong. “Proof” can be used as a verb; it means the same as “proofread”. Try a dictionary next time!

  22. #21 I would to see your dictionary…

    Proof is either a noun or an adjective.

    Not a verb.

  23. Dictionaries prove anything these days! Did you know “literally” can be used to mean “figuratively?” It was in a dictionary, so it must be true!

    I thought this whole post was fun. Good job, Daniel! And good job to Tabatha for refusing to give up, thus prolonging the fun like a whore who won’t die.

    Also, Tabatha made a standard status update. So her extreme dislike was toward EVERYONE on her list of friends? Cunt.

  24. @Trouty, i’m SO SORRY for my minor mistake, i am on my knees, begging you for forgiveness for ONE little error of not putting an extra “o” at the end of the word “to”, will you please accept my sincere apologies!??

    pfft, stupid Grammar nazis, go to hell lol

    too many of you on LB. how about focus on the post itself, and NOT on the comments to try to make yourself seem so intelligent lol.

    i’m not mad, i swear, everyone!

  25. Daniel FTL because he did not correct ‘you’re’ in her last couple comments. Then he comes in and corrects it’s?

    He was doing okay until the end. Makes me wonder if he even realized that it was supposed to be you’re and not your.

    People always get super up tight and ticked off when someone corrects their grammar. Do you not care about the English language? Do you not care about speaking properly?

    To and too are TWO different things, you should know the difference.

    Their, they’re, and there are three different things and you should know the difference.

    Distinguishing between your and you’re is about as easy as it gets. No excuses for not knowing the difference between any of these. Someone who corrects you isn’t a grammar Nazi, they are someone with a good head on their shoulders.

  26. Love you, Buzz.

    Yes, I’m stalking you.

  27. *uptight
    *different things; you should know
    *You should know the difference of their, they’re, and there. *sentence was a run-on.
    *There are no excuses

  28. rarities, *You should know the difference between their, they’re, and there.

    This could go on forever.

  29. hehehe

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  31. @buzzkiller, you, OBVIOUSLY, didn’t pick up on the severe sarcasm of my last comment lol, and i didn’t misspell anything DRASTIC, just forgot to put a damn extra “o”, really!? You are going to saddle up on someone who forgot a damn letter!? Seriously!?? Give me a damn break! Me forgetting ONE forsaken letter doesn’t make me “stoopid” so quit hatin’. And the Grammar Nazi bullshit tirade was a tad unnecessary. One fucking letter, and you get all bent out of shape about it? Man, i’d hate to meet you in person!

    You are truly a buzz kill, and an oversensitive one at that. Dig that sand out of your vagina, and buy some Vagisil for any future issues. Really though, don’t take the last statement TOO personally!!!


    @word and rarities, LOL!

    Thank you.

  32. And for a small follow- up: I’m not “uptight” about anything lol, i come here to laugh at the POSTS, and i don’t tend to get anal about a simple spelling error of any other commentators on Lamebook. 🙂

    Wipe that snarl off of your face, it’s not pretty :p

  33. “Anal-retentive” should be hyphenated.

  34. I think the fellow wanted her to say, “but I really, really, really dislike (HATE) you.” That’s what I would have done, anyway.

    As for all the Grammar Nazis, I think the corrections on this comment session is merely for fun, given the post. Though they are errors, so it’s entirely reasonable. =]

  35. Are, not is. =P Whoopsidaisy.

  36. @ Sasha *I, not i. I would say more but I am tired; and you already ranted with much hilarity

  37. My “rants” weren’t meant to be taken as angry lol, I really could care less if you guys correct me, I just find the Grammar Nazis quite amusing lol. Geez, people lol. Oh well, continue picking on the foreigner lol. 🙂

  38. Woah woah wooooooooaah…..

    Think about that for a second (this winds me up so much so I had to say something!) You said “I really could care less if you guys correct me” you mean COULD NOT! What you said means that you DO care and could in fact care less than you do… I’ve come to the conclusion that people that say ” could care less ” either don’t know what it actually means or are retarded, or both. Stupid mofo

  39. thanks coolhand, i am retarded. and a total motherfucker lol.
    that’s okay though because i have a big, fat cock you can suck on and play with my balls while you’re at it 🙂

    thanks lol!! i’m waiting to hear back from you about the offer i made, i hope you take it to consideration because my cum tastes like a peach cobbler according to other bitches like yourself lol. HAHAHAH

    toodly- do!

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