Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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  1. hm

  2. Glaucomole sounds like a funky disease I don’t want to have.

  3. what is wrong here joe?

  4. Ok, for those who don’t know, here’s how it should have been:

    “Enchaldas” should be “Enchiladas”
    “Wacamole”, “Glaucomole” should be “Guacamole”
    “Ovocados” should be “Avocados”

    Not to mention all the “English” parts…

  5. Wacamole!

  6. Thanks for the wacamole one coopersita, I am sure that no one knew what it meant, and figured that Glaucomole was what she really meant.

  7. When life gives you green lemons, make glaucamole.

  8. You need ovocodos too though.

  9. I do love gracias dando.

  10. I had glaucomole last Thanksgiving, but my opthamologist took care of it. Kinda sucked having to wear those fugly sunglasses.

  11. Man… they’re having a whack-a-mole but no piñatas??? Maybe that’s what Joe meant when he was talking about so much wrong…

  12. Well, that’s what you get for rubbing green lemons and ovocodos in your eyes.

  13. Ah, the holidays, pouring glaucomole all over my avocodas before I eat them. Meanwhile, my dad play wacamole whilst squeezing his green lemons.
    They used to be yellow, but, that’s a different story.

    (Just pretend I’m 1st)

  14. @coopersita: You forgot that ‘green lemons” should be ‘limes’.
    @Stingray; My grandfather had Glaucomole too! Only he got medical marijuana for it… I’m sure that Monique knows all about that, how else do you explain that much stupidity?

  15. bollywood_rocks83

    It’s el dia de accion de gracias,miss panda

    Lamebook is lame for not posting my links. i posted a link to a surbuban and it never showed up. good luck with that whole facebook thing. Hypocrites.

  16. Uhh..ok..

  17. @Keona
    Is your dad’s green lemons that he squeezed supposed to be a metaphor for something…? Because in my mind… You don’t wanna know.

    And my Spanish is horrible, miss/sir bollywood.

  18. @anorexicpanda Maybe, juuuust maybe.

  19. Oy oy oy, mi cabeza trabajo pantalones en su madre con ojos de glaucomole.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    coopersita is Wallace.

  21. Has she never heard of a lime? Lemon lime soda, limeade, green popsicles!?!?! SIR ISAAC LIME?!?!?!

  22. I would expect this sort of Intelligence from someone named Monique.

  23. @22 What intelligence?

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Keona wins.

  25. Everyone already took my jokes about glaucoma, Wallace, and green lemons. Oh well Joe. Maybe after a few margaritas, things will seem right again.

  26. Keona – pretty sure okczane meant lack thereof.

  27. Any Limeys on this website should take offense at this.

    It’s bad enough waking up to find out the cricket score.

    Christ’s indellible imprint on a pancake…

  28. Last night, I got so baked, I had an half hour staring contest with the cat, she won on points.

    Meanwhile……. somebody mis-spelled some Mexican foods, fucking hilarious, I may have to attend hospital due to the sudden splitting of my sides and my arse being laughed off.

  29. Meanwhile, someone misspelled misspelled.

  30. Meh, I was debating the hyphen and thought fuck it and just put it out there y’know, ‘cos that’s the way I roll.

  31. I did the whole Mexican thing last year…I sneaked into America on the back of a truck, killed some cowboys, took a low paid menial job and then raped my bosses’ daughter.

    Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!

  32. @Imamofo Yeah, racims is great fun, isn’t it? :-\

  33. *whoosh*

    followed by a Jean Luc Picard facepalm.

  34. @Derek – Don’t be so politically incorrect, racism is not great fun and you’re a fascist for suggesting it is!

    Racism is only humorously acceptable when pointed at a minority.

  35. Well, then the way you roll is wrong.

  36. Again, meh.

    Thanks for the correction though, your work is done.

  37. Yeah mofo. You’re a racist. Everything else about you is just peaches and cream though… lotsa cream

    I see I’m not the only one feeling disappointmented by this one.
    But I love wack-a-mole, seriously

  38. I categorically deny that i am racist…

    I watch marathons, compete in the 100mtrs sprint and have even had a bash at the 200mtrs hurdles. Do these sound like the actions of a racist?!

  39. Along with being racist, you are also a sexist, misogynous pervert, you filthy beast!!!!111one

  40. My work is never done. I will be back.

  41. Misspelling Spanish words is mildly humorous, especially when everyone writing on line has ready access to dictionaries, but not knowing what a lime is? That’s amazing.

  42. @wandr & Paranoid – Him being a racist is the least of our worries. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, coz Mofo is rapin errbody out there!

  43. Of course you’re not a racist, love. I was beeing sarcastic. Now that level of physical fitness must just come from running from angry mobs… Good practice

    Carrion, keep racisming

  44. Oh, curly… stop pretending you didn’t enjoy the Parenting Plan 😉

  45. @throwingtofu Are you related to MsBuzzkillington? Just enjoy my zinger, twiddle twatterson. 🙁

  46. Imamofo is not at all a racist. He’s just neat. And always accurate with his statements. I wish I could go Mexican for a few hours like he did.

    “Green lemons” is wonderful.

  47. So many ridiculously stupid Americans. How do you all manage to survive?

  48. We survive by forcing our bloated rich bodies to the front of the hamburger line.

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