Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taco Hell


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  1. fourth!

  2. I use Mapquest…

  3. That’s funny.

  4. ahhhh drunk driving…always wonderful

  5. Google Maps is the best.

  6. ahhhhh drunk driving…..always wonderful

  7. Keyboards are cheap, Caleb’s a cheapskate. Although he could use the on-screen keyboard in the meantime. Had to do that myself recently when I poured tea all over my laptop.
    I wonder if this is the same Caleb who was fighting with Morgan?

  8. Yes, Leon. The biggest concern here is that your friend uses Mapquest.

  9. So I take it dude tried to drive inebriated to Taco Bell and passed out instead? And his friends are concerned about him using MapQuest. Yep. Makes sense.

  10. I still use MapQuest, it’s great. I think it’s hilarious that that was Leon’s response.

  11. Hey Kendra,

    Your link is wrong. Blogspot doesn’t have that name registered as a proper URL for them.

  12. MapQuest is done. Google has taken over everything.

    But honestly, what happened to the keyboard then?

  13. @doggbAT

    I think he was drinking in his house and mapquested directions on his computer. He then threw up on his keyboard before walking out to his car and getting in/turning it on/passing out.

    Taco Bell = 4th meal
    Vomit on Keyboard = 5th meal

  14. So, he just… puked up all over his laptop and doesn’t quite know how?

  15. I use the mapquest on my AOL account. Check out my Geocities page.

  16. Leon’s comment was great.

  17. He must be new in town. How do you not know where a Taco Bell is?

  18. Good thing he didn’t make it the car. He probably would have killed himself or someone else driving.

  19. Maybe he puked on on his keyboard? I spilled water all over mine once, and anytime I’d hit the “f” key, it would start deleting things.

  20. Idiots, all of them.

  21. The Darwinism is strong in this one…

  22. Cmon buddy…you know thats not how you messed up that keyboard…

  23. ^^Skeet Skeet Skeet

  24. “Who still uses Map Quest?” – apparently really drunk people

  25. I can’t believe he’d just said he threw up on his keyboard and all Leon could think of was the fact that he was using mapquest.

    He probably threw up at the mere thought of taco bell…

  26. Au contraire, nor’n monkey. “Who still uses MapQuest?” is the most appropriate response to that situation.

  27. who ever used mapquest? it’s a moot point!
    vomit + keyboard = far more pressing.

  28. Kids these days.

    Toughen up and use an atlas.

  29. Wow. That’s like the opening paragraph to “The Alcoholism Diaries”. See you on ‘Intervention’, Caleb!

  30. @ Lajeve Atlas? what is this mystical thing…
    oh a map I’m sorry I’m alergic to obsolete technology. In an emergency where all satNAVs and Internet maps are unattainable only then will I use one once more.

  31. Double true!

  32. @Atheismo
    I still use good old mapNAV.
    Though I do get google to find the route for me first.

  33. I still use mapquest…..google maps suck. I never get accurate directions with google maps. I’m glad that guy puked on his keyboard. He shouldn’t be driving (or trying to drive) drunk.

  34. I’m hoping that someone else was going to drive. But I’m thinking that is probably unlikely. Moron.

  35. Leon’s response is perfect. But, for the record, I use Mapquest for work. It’s easier to copy and paste into a word doc without having to reformat everything. This way, I can up the font size and take out all of the unnecessary BS so I can fit the directions on 1 or 2 pages rather than 5 or 6.

  36. Which is exactly why plenty of people still use Map Quest.

  37. #16 humperdink and #29 Lajeve

    Best replies to this thread. I’m upset nobody is giving you props.

  38. just keep swimming

    #16, hilarious for sure. you forgot about your angelfire page and your ICQ number.

  39. i just use a gps system that way i can avoid vomitting all over my keyboard when i m driving around drunk looking for food …

    And i must say that Taco Bell is disgusting, as is most of the us fastfood

  40. The internet was so much better with ICQ, angelfire, oh and Xoom rocked my world

  41. Muthafukin' Maurice

    There is nothing wrong with freakin’ Mapquest – it gets me there exactly as effectively as Google maps. Stop chugging the Google-aid. It was not that long ago that everyone talked about Yahoo pretty much the same way they talk about Google these days. It’s a goddamn search engine with a clever billing strategy for advertising. Get over it.

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  43. ^ WTF are these posts? There’s one in almost every thread.
    While Zombie Kid’s kinda cute, this is fucking annoying!

  44. @Muthafuckin’ Maurice
    ‘fraid I never used yahoo or mapquest in the first place. I was a google kid long before they ruled the world. And AOL ain’t going nowhere near this ‘puter.

  45. @nor’n monkey – some of us used the internet before 2004, and that attempt at…I don’t know. Street cred? Sort of fails when it proves just how recently you’ve been internet-enabled.

    Google maps is the better product at current, but don’t try and pretend it’s “old school” or any bullshit like that.

  46. Wow, people are really protective of their map finding websites.

  47. My thoughts exactly number 8!

  48. @Danceica
    I hate to tell you this, but 8 thoughts aren’t really that many. But I am proud of you.

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