Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take a Hint

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  1. Another self-submit. You’re so clever, Lexi.

  2. toddvanhamburger

    Some people are so clueless. She should have kept teasing him to see how long she could get him to keep hey-ing her.

  3. Fake self submit.

  4. A simple “no thanks not interested” was just too easy for Lexi Luther. She wanted to string him along as much as possible so she could make him look bad. Way to one-ho yourself, Lexi.

  5. *one-up, not one-ho. WTF?

  6. what exactly is supposed to be “funny” about some self righteous bitch who assumes everyone who hits her up wants to fuck?

  7. @Beatus – one-ho was funnier. 🙂

  8. She says he knows nothing about her which would seem to imply that she knows nothing about him. Yet she assumes that they have nothing in common despite this. Dumbass. Newsflash: Not everyone wants to have sex with you just because they talk to you.

  9. You lose all credibility and kudos when you self submit. Lexi, the only person that’s lame here is you. He sent you a whopping 9 messages over an 8 month period, most of which were just a simple ‘Hey’. Get a clue.

  10. @Nails, is your avatar an ass?

  11. I’d thought Lexi was a boy’s name (which improves the exchange slightly), so put it into Google image search. Definitely a girl’s name, and she seems to take a lot of cock.

  12. The annoying orange!

  13. @beatus, no, it’s a cartoonish guy giving a middle finger. But when viewed at a 4×4 pixel resolution – as is the case – it does look like an ass. Either way, I don’t care.

  14. #11 Lexi is generally used as the short version of Alexis.

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