Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tales from Down Under

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  1. haha. Not bad, Lamebook, not bad.

  2. eye of the tiger!

  3. Loving the last one!

  4. The last one made me laugh, and it’s about time Lamebook!

  5. look he’s happy to have another hole in one, I mean someone.

  6. Yeah love the last one.

  7. wait til she finds out he’s using a 3 iron and not a wood.

  8. The last one is awesome! And what a tight tanned body (the girl, not the cheating blasian)

  9. Nicholas, that would be the depending how you look at it.

  10. Hot chick in the last one…FTW! Hilarious!

  11. First to post “Ben”

  12. 1 – Meh. I certainly wouldn’t post that if I was a dude and had my guy friends see my weenis.

    2 – Hmm. I agree. By the end of my day, I better have a stiff one waiting for me… and a cocktail.

    3 – LMAO! Brilliant.

  13. Oh katy! Right there with you on #2.

  14. @8 I lol’ed at “blasian”

  15. Tiga, tiga, tiger woods y’all.

    I prefer starting the day with a bj as opposed to waiting until the end of the day. I want it all then. I’ll just ride my bike in the meantime.

  16. Ahhh lamebook, thank you.

    Hot chick for the win! She’s thinking: “There better be some hush money at the end of this day or I am finally dumping Ben.”

  17. ok….next

  18. Max must have seen Ben’s dick before Steve and Joel. Long enough to measure every single centimeter too.

  19. wow – 18 comments in and no one has mentioned the “hole in one”? It’s a LB miracle!

  20. talk about a hole in one!

  21. CommentsAtLarge

    That girl looks too cute to have been one of Tiger’s mistresses.

    I agree with Katy — if my friends got a peek at my manparts, I sure wouldn’t go posting it. I’m assuming they’re teenagers and this happened in the locker room, otherwise why exactly are your buddies playing lookie-loo downstairs?

  22. maybe they like manparts, not terribly uncommon

  23. CommentsAtLarge

    True shipoopi, but no one seems to give off the “this was a desired occurence” vibe here.

  24. 1. Meh. These must be young, dumb teens. Between locker rooms and restrooms and what-not, guys just sometimes see each other’s parts. It’s no big deal. (Especially when it’s only 5cm.)

    2. Nicholas makes a good point.

    3. AWESOME!!!!

  25. 1: not so sure why they would wana look at his manparts, but . . . it’s BEN!

    2: that’s exactly what i look forward to at the end of the day as well.

    3: what a WIN!

  26. if you think about it… 5 seconds is a long time to accidentally look at something
    one thousand one… one thousand two… one thousand three… one thousand four… one thousand five…

    thats a total check out… 3 more seconds and it would be staring

  27. this was a good day for lamebook. thanks for not living up to your name. i lawled at all of it.

  28. slimjayz –

    That’s a good point.

    Up to 1 second is accidental and therefore nearly always acceptable.

    2 seconds is borderline acceptable if it means you are mentally comparing it to your own.

    3 seconds is only acceptable if if Ben is hung like a stallion and and you temporarily go into shock.

    Anything above that and it’s only acceptable if you are Ben’s lover or his doctor.

  29. Nicholas shuts the whole conversation down! Love it.
    Girl and Tiger was pretty funny too.

  30. I bet that girl likes it in the ass.

  31. Hey, Lamebook – why weren’t that golfer’s eyes blurred out?

  32. Steve, if I happen to see a dick, it usually last for about 0.19 seconds. Of course there is the exception of porn. In that situation I just block out everything attached to it and pretend it’s a dildo.

    It wasn’t until I was in my late teens before I got my first bike on my birthday.(How dare you think I was going with blowjob!)

    I love how tiger was giving it his all and she is just laughing away. He is like “WHO’S YO BLASIN DADDY BITCH!” and she is like Is that all BITCH!

    Thanks for the new word Can.

  33. I think James should lift his expectations.
    I would be expecting a bike AND a blow job.
    Not if it was from family though, I don’t think they could afford a bike.

  34. That is why you should get a double dong dip.

  35. The hot chick is win.

  36. #3 is so win.

  37. discomfortzone

    Let me be the first one to say – photograph number three is really funny.

  38. I saved photo #3. Is that lame?

  39. @alordslums – more like brown-eye of the tiger.

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