Friday, November 25, 2011


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  1. You should get a free lobotomy if you want something like this tattooed on you…

  2. I second that.

  3. Ha, I like how Peter misspelled his friend’s name.

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  5. I’m starting to suspect that our spamming friends in here are actually paying advertisers.

  6. The “I”s look like “e”s that have been corrected.

    Despite the revolting font that’s one of the dumbest statements of seen written on skin.

  7. Meghan can add illiterate to that list on her back.

  8. ArmyoftheLost, surely you mean she can add ‘illiterit’?

  9. That dumb statement is written on my skin.. correctly and unfortunately now this is what people will think of. Hahah sweet!

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  11. no

  12. Two idoitic tats, and as for the artists… Maybe part of tattoo apprenticeship should require an english degree of some sort. Or at least spell checking when they bring up the design on the computer.

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