Friday, July 20, 2018

Tender Tinder Intro

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  1. Except that unless you have tens of thousands of dollars at your disposal to pay for liposuction, stomach stapling, etc., no, you do NOT have “complete control” over your weight. Hell, most overweight people are lucky if they have even marginal control.

    It all depends on the cause of the weight gain, but even when it CAN be attributed to poor diet, it still has a lot to do with genetics, because two different people can eat the same exact foods every day and lead equally active or inactive lifestyles, and one will gain a lot of weight while the other won’t gain a pound.

    Actual DOCTORS have confirmed this time and time and time again. What the fuck makes you think you know better than them, hm? It’s because of ignorant asshats like you that there are young girls out there starving themselves literally to DEATH.

  2. On a side note, I love how this guy is pretty much admitting how small his dick is without even being asked about it. XD

  3. ^ Do you have any idea how much you are revealing about yourself now?

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