Friday, February 26, 2010

Terrible Type

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  1. Poor Spanka, I’ll chalk it up to a distraction.

    No billboards I’m afraid, but galleries, and known for sure a local coffee shop.

  2. I hate to cut the party short Soup, but it’s 6am and I need sleep. As always, a pleasure!

  3. Have a good night. Next time I’m good and liquored up (again), I’ll be looking for a picture of those titties.

  4. Hey I’m back, whats this about titties?? I like titties!

  5. jesus christ you’ll. Is this MSN? Take it easy Spanka. It was just a joke. No need to get all abusive…whew

  6. Lamebookpro do you want a piece of me?

  7. All a y’all get a room, or two. ffs. lol

  8. hmmm…which piece Spanka? turn around a sec?

  9. Jesus Christ, you guys xD Is there not a single post on here that you don’t bring around to some kind of cyber sex chat? 😛

    Also, as much as I’d like to tear Scott to pieces… he’s right. I live in North Wales, and we fucking suck.

  10. Rhiannon’s probably Welsh.

  11. tbh, my first thought was “what kind of name is millard?”

  12. I have a strong desire to smoke a cigarette and I don’t even smoke but WOW that was good for me! Hope it was good for you guys too!

  13. Does Matt even know anything about Millard Fillmore? I’m guessing he doesn’t, and not even because his attempt at spelling imbecile looks more like a certain brand of vacuum cleaner.

  14. Lol I totally forgot what this lamebook post is about thanks to eenerbl, soup and spanka, I’m not complaining though 😉

  15. There needs to be funnier lamebooks tbqh;
    RAR; hope some of the facebook fights end up on here,
    because they truely make me Lol.

  16. ee and Soup, how quickly you discard me for another in the pursuit of the menage e trois. (wipes away tears)
    I’ll let you off the hook this time cos Spanka is cool, and he lives on my continent too, so he’s doubly cool.

  17. Spanka, I like latecomers, you’re all good in my book.

  18. lol! I missed you word, I was hoping you would have joined us!

  19. I was busy gettin’ lucky in the flesh, ee x

  20. Buncha pervs! I’m disgusted by you all! Sullying the name of this site with your vaginas and peni! and testicles… and fun bags… and crotch rockets… and hatchet wounds… and filtration systems… and seat belts… and rolled up sleeping bags… and microwaved grapefruit… and deflated basketballs!

  21. You need a hug mc, by the sounds.

  22. You lost me towards the end, microwaved grapefruit?…you may need to draw me a picture.

  23. Filtration systems and seat belts are of the devil.

  24. Scott’s a fool. Welsh people aren’t stupid at all! We can spell for a start.

  25. Every single one of you can spell? Wow.

  26. a shart stack doesn’t sound too appetizing

  27. in the movie “hot fuzz” a newspaper misspells the surname of the main character, and angel becomes angle. but thinking about it now doesn’t make me laugh.

  28. You have to adore stupid people who berate others for their supposed lack of intelligence.

  29. So did eernerbl and spanka get a room?

  30. No more Lamebook updates on the weekends? 🙁

  31. Once again, I am disappointed, Lamebook. This is supposed to be a place where we find stupid things people do on Facebook; this is not the place to post stupid things people find in the real world. Those hats are pretty lame, but they have nothing to do with Facebook.
    Where’s the status updates about menstrual cycles, the group-joins in incongruous order, the horrible baby pictures that should never be shared.
    This photo of hats SHOULD be shared, and is therefore not lame.
    Gettin’ sloppy, editors.

  32. I used to have a silicone wristband that said ‘Angle’. It was so funny I had to buy it. I was hoping people would ask me if I was acute or obtuse.

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